Monday, April 28, 2008

#18 on my list, Put together 30 new Sunday school lessons (#2)

Lesson #2

Topic: Relying on Jesus power. It's Amazing how the Lord has things designed since in the upcoming month, May, my church has decided that the focus of the month will be 'Looking beyond ourselves to the Power of Jesus Christ'. So to have that be the topic for last weeks lesson was pretty astounding.

Scriptures: Acts 3:1-4:31 (Peter and John heal a crippled man, after Jesus ascended into heaven, and they had to rely on the His power in order to do it)

Synopsis: By relying on Jesus' power in our lives all things are possible.

What the Lord revealed to me: One of my girls asked me this question on Sunday, and I was so happy that she did. The question that she asked was this, "What if the man that was healed still had some of the disease in him, after Peter healed him?" First, I thought that maybe she was trying to be difficult with her question. However, the second thought I had was 'What an opportunity for a object lesson'. So, knowing that this girl is saved, I asked her if "when Jesus saved her did he only offer her salvation halfway?" Her answer was of course no. Then to reiterate my point I asked, "Is Jesus ever going to take away your salvation?". Again the answer was no. So then I said, "When Jesus used his power to heal someone, and when he uses his power to save us it is done complete and right the first time. Nothing is missed and noting is done half way." I mean even when Jesus healed the blind man in Mark 8:24 (where he saw men as trees), Jesus knew that wasn't acceptable and set out to make sure that the man was restored to his whole self. Which is what he wants for us all, to be whole.

Matthew 28:18, And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.

The perfect day!

I am blessed enough to live in one of the most beautiful places imaginable. True, right now even though it's technically spring, it feels more like fall or winter with the 50 degrees and grey covered sky, but truly it is. It's always green (unlike where I grew up in CA), and the terrain around these parts is just amazing. The inconsistent, and mostly gloomy, weather makes the days like what we experienced on Saturday all the more special. Imagine (if you can) a perfect sunny, blue sky, 65 degree day. It's not to hot, your just feeling the heat by being touched by the sun, there's just a touch of a breeze and you are standing on the beach sandwiched in between a view of the Olympic Mountains and Mount Baker. That was the day that me and my friends had on Saturday. It was amazing!

The day started after a very late night of my friends and I celebrating Levi's birthday. We stayed up late to enjoy the fire and fellowship until the gravity of our sleepy eyes pulled us away to our respective beds. Ahhh, there's nothing like the solace of a good pillow and clean sheets. Anyway, Linea and Maggie did a great job at putting the party together, and watching childhood videos of ourselves was fun too. So I know that you think we must have been tired from the previous evening, but in all truth most of us were fine. I woke up around 8 and got ready for the day's activities.

The first order of business was to meet up with my friends at church to distribute invitations to church, at the parade that was going on in town. The street that we were on, Pioneer Way, was lively, with booths and food vendors setting up, and people perusing their options for the afternoon fare or deciding on what new treasure they wanted to buy for themselves. So our task was a pretty one as people are mostly in a good mood at those events and willing to take anything you hand them. So my group was finished pretty early. Afterwards I took the walk back to my car, while talking with Julie on the phone and playing catch-up, looked through the CD's at the sidewalk sale at the Christian bookstore and found a couple of decent CD's (one of them has an arrangement of 'He Leadeth Me' with a violin that is amazing). Anyway, after getting back to my car I headed on over to the Geist's for the BBQ that we were going to have. Brats, beans, and potato salad yum! However, Kali, Nicki, Levi, Daniel and myself got there way early (thankfully they left the door unlocked for us), and sat around talking. Finally, after an hour, our fearless SPG leaders arrived and started to grill the Brats and get the food ready.

All of it was delicious, but it wasn't to long after that when our food started to settle and the previous evenings exploits started to catch up with us so we needed to rally the fatigue from our bodies and at first we decided to have Frisbee throwing contest from the balcony, to see who could get it the farthest, which was OK until I cracked one on Levi's car. The car was OK, but I killed the Frisbee, may it R.I.P. However, at Daniels suggestion we all took off to the beach with some pitching wedges and lobs for a rousing game of beach golf (Dan just wanted an excuse to go to the beach, but what a good time it was). Basically beach golf is just picking a point on the beach to hit your ball to. It's no more than a 3 par or so, but out first attempt at it got us all pretty dirty (my favorite shoes are now no more), but I was more upset at myself because I normally have some foresight into what may go wrong and I didn't see that happening at all. Anyway, after I got rid of my stockings and just decided to walk around barefoot the rest of the afternoon got better, plus we decided to hit the ball away from the water. Whoever finally made that call was a genius;)

After the fun of the day I sat on the sand and watched the guys at the waters edge, being the guys, trying to see what kind of clams they could find, and getting all sorts of goop on them. I observed the girls building sand furniture (instead of castles), and watch the melding and camaraderie of our group taking place. With jokes and laughter reverberating in the air the tide started sweeping in shooing away the fun that kept the day afloat. The day definitely finished on a high note, and sandwiched between the Olymics and Mount Baker hangs an amazing day full of beach golf, BBQ's and best friends.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

#27 on my list, Try 30 new dishes (#1)

The other day in my Spanish class we had a moment of culture getting to try different food from the Spanish culture, or as they would say 'la comida'. Anyway, I got to try Ceviche. Ceviche is a seafood dish by which the seafood is cooked by marinating in the acidity of different juices like lemon juice, and vinegar (used as a substitute for wine since I don't drink). It's a simple enough dish, but it takes a while to make just because it has to marinate for so long. The only thing that I would have done differently, if I had made it, would be to use rice vinegar or something that would be clear. The guy that made it used balsamic vinegar. Now balsalmic vinegar is good on salads or things that look OK being brown, but really there's nothing that's looks OK about brown seafood. Seriously I know some of the best cooks around are men, my dad I qualifies since he did a lot of cooking for us growing up, but someone really should have been with this guy in the kitchen baby sitting him. I also would have served it with lettuce or something that would make it as a salad dish, instead of chips so that it reduced the dish to a dip. However, brown seafood and chip aside, it is a delicious dish and it definitely falls in the realm of my dietary restrictions. I'll post the recipe for it soon.

#16 on my list, Memorize 30 new verses (#1)

I don't plan on expounding to much with this item on my list I just want to share my progress in my list with my readers.

So I've been trying to choose the bible verses that I want to memorize "carefully", because I want them to mean something personal to me because I think when that happens they generally tend to stick in one's mind better, and it also helps you apply the principle of the verse more diligently. Anyway, I've memorized my first new verse, Proverbs 18:1.

Proverbs 18:1
Through desire a man, having separated himself, seeketh and intermeddleth with all wisdom.

For the rest of the verses that I memorize you can take a look to your right, when you check my blog, as that is where the tally will be kept.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How To Plant Your Garden

I received this from a friend and I thought it was cute, so up on my blog it goes!
Hope you enjoy!

How To Plant Your Garden

First, You Come to the garden alone,
While the dew is still on the roses....

1. Peace of mind
2. Peace of heart
3. Peace of soul

1. Squash gossip
2. Squash indifference
3. Squash grumbling
4. Squash selfishness

1. Lettuce be faithful
2 Lettuce be kind
3. Lettuce be patient
4. Lettuce really love one another

1. Turnip for meetings
2. Turnip for service
3. Turnip to help one another

1. Thyme for each other
2. Thyme for family
3. Thyme for friends


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

April 22, 2001

I cannot let this day close without taking the time to thank the Lord for giving me another year in my spiritual life and allowing me to draw closer to him.

Seven years ago today I asked the Lord, Jesus Christ, to come into my life and and save me from my sins, and he did. For that's what he gave his life for, but the best part lies in the fact that he rose again so that we would have a living God to place our faith in.

The past 7 years seem to be but a short time indeed, and there is just so much that I can praise him for. For the wisdom of the Pastor's that he's given to me starting with Pastor Jerry Boritzki, then Pastor Gary Prisk and Robert Sargent, as well as Pastor Jeremiah Sargent, and then for the large extended family that I have in my life (which seems to making my world a small one), but also for expounding His word to me. Which is really is what has made the past 7 years fruitful for my live and spiritual growth, and lately it's been the matter of prudence that has been my topic of study and meditation.

To fully understand it's meaning I suggest that you look up it's definition (or below). For I have always related it solely to financial matter, but it goes far beyond that and really defines it as (and I'm totally paraphrasing) matters of cautious or being circumspect with regards to ones actions and decisions. This has been a continual growing point for me and lately I've seen need for more improvement in this area (which is not a bad thing). The decisions that I make don't just affect me, but they also affect those that are around me, and as Proverbs 19:14b says "a prudent wife is from the Lord". I would take this to infer (based on the definition) that our decisions as women ultimately affect our families, but for me as a single woman that prudence should also be a desired trait to have for my future family (no I haven't given up hope, I'm only 28). Anyway, those are just a few thoughts on what I've been shown here in this up start to a 7th year of spiritual growth.

, a. Cautious; circumspect; practically wise; careful of the consequences of enterprises, measures or actions; cautious not to act when the end is of doubtful utility, or probably impracticable. (The prudent man looketh well to his going. Prov 14:15; A prudent man foreseeth the evil and hideth himself. Prov 22:3)
1. Dictated or directed by prudence; as prudent behavior.
2. Foreseeing by instinct; as the prudent crane.
3. Frugal; economical; as a prudent woman; prudent expenditure of money.
4. Wise; intelligent.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

#14 on my list, Meet 30 new people (#6 & 7)

This one is moving along in a grand fashion. This past weekend we at Bible Baptist church had the pleasure of hearing one of the missionaries that we support preach.

6 & 7. His name is Bill Richards and he had his wife Brenda with him. Evidently we have been supporting them since they left the BBF missions program 20 years ago, but they had never been to see us before. However this Sunday changed all that. He gave 2 great sermons. I especially enjoyed the one in the evening, about not forgetting what we were prior to salvation. I know it had to be difficult for his to try and preach in English again since he's been doing it in German for 20 something years, but I thought he did an excellent job. Any time the gospel is presented it is a excellent message. I'm glad that I got to talk with them and find out more about their ministry, as well as their sons. For we also support their son Seth's new ministry work in Germany as well. In all honesty I stayed to converse with them way later than I had expected to, but it was well worth it because it's not all that often that we may be able to see them so you have to take advantage of the opportunities that come along.

I especially enjoy getting to talk to missionaries and find out about what they face on different fields. I would love to go to a foriegn field to help and evangelist, but the only request that I have concerning that is, that if it ends up being in the Lords will for me to marry someone that is called to the mission field that it's not in Asia. Don't get me wrong Asia is beautiful, but it's muggy and sticky! I don't mind heat, but humidity is not something that I enjoy for more than a week, if I were on a vacation. I know this because when I was in Japan and Diego Garcia (for about 6 months each) it was like that, and I was there during monsoon season, UGH! Of course I'll go and do whatever he asks of me, but I can always pray and still hold on to the hope that my wishes will meet up with what the Lord desires of me.

Monday, April 7, 2008

#18 on my list, Put together 30 new Sunday school lessons (#1)

This one has taken me a while to decide how I'd like to write these particular entries. I have a tendancy to get on a soapbox, and lecturing is not something that I'd like to do with these entries. Not to mention that these lessons contain only what the Lord has showed me, and there are many times that he uses the same pieces of scripture to show people different lessons in life, and in their walk with him. Also because I want to protect my girls anonymity as they are all well under age. So what I've decided to do is to just simply give the title of the lesson that I prepared, the scriptures that I prepared it from, a brief synopsis of the lesson, and one thing that the Lord showed me while preparing the lesson. Because if I re-wrote my whole lesson it would take me another week, and I just don't have that kind of time.

Lesson #1

Topic: Showing our love through our service
This particularly concerns showing our love for Christ through our service to other (family, friends, our church). Which goes with my churches theme for this month, which is, Looking beyond ourselves to the needs of our family.

Scriptures: John 13:1-17, 34-35 & Luke 22:1-2, 7-13 (The story of Jesus serving the disciples as he washes their feet at the Passover supper, prior to his crucifiction)

Synopsis: By serving one another and giving of our time selflessly, we (Christians) are able to show others the same love that Christ showed to us.

What the Lord revealed to me: Even though we may have "important" responsibilities, if we can't, or choose not to, sacrifice our own time to serve someone who is in need, then the service and effort that Christ gave to us is in vain. For it states clearly in his second commandment that we are to "love our neighbor as ourself". And this is found in all 4 of the gospels. So I think it would be kinda important, right?

Mark 12:30,31
And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.

#3 on my list, Decorate my room

Finally, Finally, Finally after nearly 3 weeks I received my bedding set. It was a little small for being a king size, but since I have a pillow top mattress it doesn't look odd. It was also in good condition when I received it (which was a relief since I just finished watching an expose on internet fraud over eBay), and the sheets were actually more green than turquoise (unlike the picture), but that's fine with me since turquoise isn't one of my favorite colors anyway. So before and after pictures soon to come (at least after I have my bedroom looking the way that I want it to).

#7 on my list, Have 30 girls nights (#4)

YAY for Jane Austen!!! The 4th installment of girls night's (which included me, Kali, Maggie, Nicki, Anna, Deborah, and Sharon) had us watching the PBS adaptation of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility, and it was outstanding! The evening didn't really start out as a girls night since Josh and Chris decided to "watch" it with us, which really amounted to then trying to distract us from our enjoyment of watching it. So it was a lot of turning up the volume, and rewinding the TV (you gotta love DVR) until the boys realized that their attempts to thwart our fun were finally becoming futile and so the retired to Josh's room to watch a movie as well. After they left we were finally able to enjoy a wonderful re-telling of a classic romantic tale of two sisters who, in their own ways, want nothing more than to be loved and to find a husband. What's to like about it you ask? Well of course I'm going to tell you.

First of all I think the casting was much more age appropriate than Emma Thompson's version. Of course she told a beautiful story, but because she wanted to play the part of Elinor Dashwood, the casting of the mother and sister had to altered in order to fit the age requirements. In actuality the mother in the book was only in her 40's, and in the big screen rendition they had her in her 60's. The casting I thought was excellent. In the previous version, you know that Whilloughby is a scoundrel, but he's so good looking that sometimes I almost want the story to change and have Marrianne end up with him, but in this version he still plays a cad, and you can understand why Marrianne likes him so much, but you also get to see how despicable he really is, and so I'm happy that Marrianne didn't end up with him. Edward Farrows is also, much better looking in this adaptation. The actor still maintains the quiet charm of the character, but without half of the bumbling that Hugh Grant brought to the role (which quite frankly I've had enough of). The Colonel (Brandon) as well was excellently cast. He's got much more of the brooding sense of charm than the other version, and unlike the big screen adaptation he never lets you pity him, or the state of his loneliness. He just does the right thing. Don't get me wrong I love Alan Rickman's interpretation of the character, but I liked this Colonel even more (plus I think he's just hands down my favorite Jane Austen character period, so I'm not an impartial judge). I also liked the fact that we got to know more about and see more of the Farrows family, as well as the fact that the characters, especially the more ostentatious ones were not quite as comical, even though they did add comedy to the story, they didn't steal the scenes. Fanny, the Dashwood's sister in law, is deliciously spiteful, and we love to hate her.

Secondly, I liked the setting. The lighting and scenery were all set up to look more realistic than the big screen version. The lighting set a tone that was much more moody than then the other version as well, it helped to add to the sadness of the family and the precarious existence that they lived in. I always find that it including the scenery and atmosphere as a character in any movie adds to the depth of a story.
Once again it was another wonderful night with the girls. I'm so blessed to have their friendship!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

#7 on my list, Have 30 girls nights (#3)

Yesterday was April 1, and there was an impromptu girls night at Kali's!!! I had told her sister Maggie that I would probably be over since it was my first night of school, hence my last night of freedom for the next 90 days. Anyway, I got over there just in time to watch her mom make cupcakes:(, but it was a fun impromptu night anyway. Kali's mom Sharon shared this extremely moving web video with me. I'm placing a link to it on my blog. It's titled "99 balloons". If you enjoy moving stories about children, the obstacles that they over come, and how merciful God truly is, then this should be up your ally. I issue this disclaimer though, it will make you cry. If you don't cry watching this you seriously need to grow a heart. Anyway, after that was all done Kali got back home and me , her, and Maggie watched this show on the food network. I guess it's about a bakery and all of the cakes that they make, which from what I saw were fantastic. However, the best part of the show was when they were making a cake in the shape of an ear, for an ear Dr. I was joking when I said it, but I looked at the girls and I said "How funny would that be when they cut it open if there was a yellow cake for the ear. You'd be eating 'ear wax'". Well we watched it until the end and sure enough they cut it open and there was yellow cake inside! It was hilarious!!! I left soon after that, but I just had to share that. Mmm, I'm sure the cake was moist! Ha Ha Ha!!!

P.S. I'm totally trying to find a pic so you all can see. It was really something


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