Friday, January 22, 2010


I found this video from a blog that I read, 2000 dollar wedding, about budgeting for weddings and having unique ideas that are special without costing a lot. NO. . .this is not a blog of things to come, the Lord is still preparing me for "Him who I haven't met" yet (yeah He's got a title). I just like the ideas and as a person who likes to plan I know it will help in the long run. Anyway, her most recent post involved practical ideas on how to get a save the date information to your friends and family without it costing a bundle. This video was so ingenious I almost cried; I enjoyed it so much!!! It was posted yesterday on the couples blog and I'm with them I hope it goes viral, which is why I'm reposting it here. Seriously, how much fun does this look?!!! I hope you all enjoy it too.

I like it better than this one, but not by much...Oh I'm so torn. I love these creative folks. . .

The only real problem that I could foresee with a public announcement of undying love, like these are that if they do go viral, or because they are on YouTube, people that you may not want to invite, or had not planned on inviting, may feel obliged to invite themselves or be hurt if they don't receive an invitation. However, I'm not Captain Killjoy where wedding proposals are concerned it just occurred to me that those may come up as issues. Ahhh, a girl should be so blessed.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Camera

Yesterday I finally got a new camera...

I've been looking at DSLRs for a while now. The one that I REALLY wanted the Nikon D5000, was just to much for me right now, and with the Sweethearts Banquet coming up I wanted to have something that I could take some nicer photos with. This one was also on sale at Kits Camera, our local camera shop. I could have ordered it online or gone to a box store, but with the economy being as harsh as it's been to people I feel strangely compelled to keep my business local if possible. I'd been in a couple of times looking at different cameras and the owner, Philomena, had worked with me before looking at cameras and she treated me really great. That's one thing that local business has over box stores, customer service. Local shop owners are usually enthusiastic about what they do and who they want to serve because they know where their bread is buttered. If they loose a customer, they loose their business. Especially in a town as small as ours. Word gets around fast. Also because it was on sale I was able to get another lens 55mm-200mm, and some lens protectors, which I would not have been able to do if I had gotten either of the other cameras.

The reviews seem pretty solid from photo enthusiasts like me. I haven't used it yet because the battery is charging, but I look forward to it. However, simply by handling it, I do really like the fact that the screen on the back is a decent size. And being that this is my first DSLR I don't really have a lot of comparison complaining to do about features that I've read online. Of course there are always those "experts" that nit pick every little detail because they want everything from a camera, or piece of technology, without having to lay down the $1000+ for such a camera. Beyond the Sweethearts Banquet though I hope to use it to take some nice scenery photos of the island, or where ever I'm at. Photography has always been a creative release for me, I seldom had a Christmas passing by my youth without a new camera coming my way, remember these...

If you've used this camera, the Sony A230, please let me know how you like it and what you use it for. Remember no camera is perfect either, you have to know how to use it too. After all, to quote G.I. Joe "Knowing is half the battle."

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And My Secret Prayer Sister is. . .

Well I don't know who this month's is yet, but last month was my dear friend Sherri! And she did a good job of keeping herself a secret too, which is sometimes hard to do when you are with someone a lot of the time.

Sherri has been my friend for 7 years now and we teach SS together and I tell her pretty much everything anyway. I mean talk about an easy job, right?! She's a great friend to have and such a great person to have on my side praying for me. However, because we are close the challenge of the job I suppose comes in the actual contact that needs to be made. See there are a few rules that come into play when participating in our churches Secret Prayer sister ministry 1) You must pray for them daily 2) You must make contact with them and 3) You must reveal yourself to them. Simple, right? Sure enough. Sherri did make secret contact with me, but the blessing from her I think came in all the stuff that I knew she did for me, without me knowing that she was my secret prayer sister. 1st she picked me up from the airport when I came back home, from visiting my family in CA. 2nd I spent the following weekend (New Years weekend) sick and she sent me a card to wish me well. Those couple things were super, especially since getting to the airport from the island is no small feat. Those are some of the things that I like, being sneaky in the open. Sherri's got a great gift of ministry (at least I think that's her spiritual gift) and she was a real blessing to me.

Well last night when she revealed herself to me needless to say I was surprised. And tickled to see that she decided to give me a gift card so as to get some stuff from my Amazon wishlist. Which was exactly what I did when I go home from church last night. Wanna see what I got? TO bad you don't have a choice;)

I love a good book about the women behind the men of faith
If you don't know about this man you MUST!
Such a great testimony of faith!

And even though there is no picture for it I got a book called Joyous Journeys Around the Detours, by Juanita Purcell. It's these last four books that I'm really looking forward to getting because they were recommended on a book list that I received from the recent Women in Ministry class that I took at my church. I already have a few of the books on there, but I'm looking forward to expanding my library in this area in order to fuel my own spiritual gift(s). Thanks Sherri:) Not just for the books, but for the blessing that you have been to me over the past 7 years. Especially when I "freak out" over the little things.
Stay tuned because I'll be writing book reviews after I'm finished with them.

Friday, January 1, 2010

And God send you a Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all, mysterious readers that you are. Roughly 2,300 views of my blog this year and yet the only comments still remain from my friends. Oh well, thank you for reading anyway.

Last night was our annual watch night service at church. There was Pastor Sargent's annual Bible Quiz, this year it was taken out of 1 Thessalonians. And naturally there was preaching. This year, however, we had Talent Time a time were we got to share our talents that the Lord has blessed us with. See out church theme for this year id Cultivating the Commitment. There are plenty of able bodies in out church that have gifts to share ad last night that was apparent to all.

There were music specials. . .

There were specials in song. . .

Kali & Alyssa Sing "Lord Here Am I"

A Girls Trio sings "I Love You Lord"
Finally the attenders were treaded to the Silent SPG's. The Monks are cute enough, but we all thought they were a bit played out at this point so we decided to simplify it. And you know what, everyone liked it just as much, even without all of the hype that the Monks have stirred up; and honestly this is the best time that we went through it, go figure.

2009 ended with a bunch of us over at the Waldron's ringing in the New Year with fun and laughs. This was the 3rd year that all of us showed up there and it will be sad that the tradition will have to change with their impending move accross the mountains. So it was nice to have that time together.

The best is yet to be, welcome 2010!


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