Friday, January 22, 2010


I found this video from a blog that I read, 2000 dollar wedding, about budgeting for weddings and having unique ideas that are special without costing a lot. NO. . .this is not a blog of things to come, the Lord is still preparing me for "Him who I haven't met" yet (yeah He's got a title). I just like the ideas and as a person who likes to plan I know it will help in the long run. Anyway, her most recent post involved practical ideas on how to get a save the date information to your friends and family without it costing a bundle. This video was so ingenious I almost cried; I enjoyed it so much!!! It was posted yesterday on the couples blog and I'm with them I hope it goes viral, which is why I'm reposting it here. Seriously, how much fun does this look?!!! I hope you all enjoy it too.

I like it better than this one, but not by much...Oh I'm so torn. I love these creative folks. . .

The only real problem that I could foresee with a public announcement of undying love, like these are that if they do go viral, or because they are on YouTube, people that you may not want to invite, or had not planned on inviting, may feel obliged to invite themselves or be hurt if they don't receive an invitation. However, I'm not Captain Killjoy where wedding proposals are concerned it just occurred to me that those may come up as issues. Ahhh, a girl should be so blessed.

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