Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Red Robin GF Menu

A few months ago I joined the Red Robin birthday club. How sad is that? It was an off day for me and I was thinking "at least Red Robin and Dairy Queen will remember to send me a coupon for my birthday". I'm such a loser sometimes:( Anyway, I'm over that hump, but today I decided to check it out and see what was GF in their establishment. They do have GF options! I am sad to report, however, that their Red Robin seasoning is not GF. They have a GF menu, that I'm posting on here so you can see what's on it, and how they recommend that someone living a GF lifestyle make their order. It's not perfect but it's something. The seasoning issue is very disappointing though:( I love their fries with lots of that salty goodness. Alas, this shall be no more.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Tell me what you think

Ahhh, it's a horrible trap. I really liked my last layout, but it got a little to busy for me to look at all the time. I like this one though because it's clean and organized. I'm also thinking about having the wonderful people at The Cutest Blog do a special design for me. Maybe this same layout with different colors and a personalized header. I'm not sure yet about that one, but here's what I have for now. Tell me what you think.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Golden Girls & golden memories

This was a popular sitcom in the 80's and tonight on a break from writing a paper discovered it on the Hallmark channel. This show is very funny and the couple summer I got to spend with my Grandma Margie in PA we would stay up late and watch it. Honestly a lot of the humor went over my head, but spacey Rose from St. Olaf and the matriarch Sophia Patrillo were always great for a laugh. The premise is basically 4 women Blanche the owner of the home (and thinks herself something hot in her 50's) Rose, Sophia, and her daughter Dorthy (the conscience of the group) living together and learning how to live in the older part of their lives with humor an most of all friendship.

This blog isn't really so much about the show as much as it is the ramblings of a night owl sharing a memory of her grandma. Usually afterward, if we were still up, we would take a walk or sit on the porch in the cool night air, the days humidity having finally subsided and enjoying a Klondike bar. Or there was always the chance of a 500 rummy game getting started and that would usually get played on for a while, each of us trying to anticipate the next move that we could make so that we didn't end up with any points in our hands. Could we make 3 of a kind or a run on another persons set? Or maybe we could stump the opponent by laying down our unwanted card on top of the one that they needed in the discard pile, forcing them to take more cards then they needed in the first place? Ohhh, the strategy.

The few summers that I got to go back there by myself were some of the funnest I remember. My cousins picking me up to go to the swimming pool. Pierogies at the Herritage Days festival and the 4th of July parade with candy getting tossed out of the cars from the Lions club. Playing across the street with Alicia and in her pool. I loved the penny candy store across from the office that my grandma worked in and always found an excuse to get something there, mmm Slush Puppies! It was so much fun getting to ride my bike around town with Tara, and traveling up to the park, and just getting to have a kind of freedom that kids today just don't get to experience. I would also get to go to lunch at the Italian Club with my Grandma and my Aunt Martha. To this day I still don't know what kind of Italian dressing they used on their salad, but it was good. And even though I can't eat them anymore, I always loved a good hoagie (no a Subway sandwich is not a hoagie, hoagies are better).

There was one summer that I went there, I think it was the last one I had, but she signed me up for a VBS at one of the churches in town. I enjoyed it overall, but there was a poster that we were supposed to work on about one of the Psalms (I can't remember which one). But I do remember that I thought that I had heard the teacher wrong, and instead of Psalms thinking I heard the word songs. So when I wrote the verse down I was chided by some of the other kids in the class for writing the wrong reference. I was embarrassed so I never really made a big deal about my poster and wanted to hide. However, as irony would have it the word Psalm actually means song. Little would I know that it would take almost 18 years to learn that but God is good in that way.

Anyway, that was a total ramble and hopefully a break through in my writers block with my other paper. Onward to my real task now. But not before I jot down the song for the opening credits.

Thank you for being a friend,
traveled down the road and back again.
Your heart is true, your a pal and a confidant.
And if you threw a party,
invited everyone you knew.
You would see the biggest gift would be from me,
and the card attached would say
Thank you for being a friend.

Thanks to Sandi for the link. Those of you who are interested can hear the song by clicking on the link.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Winter Grades

So the winter quarter is over and the grades have been calculated. I only took one class, Meteorology. Basically the study of the weather. I got a C+ which I'm OK with, all I needed to do was pass anyway. Now onto next quarter. All I really need to do is pass statistics, even though I'm taking 3 classes, the others aren't really necessary and they'll be relatively easy. After that graduation is June 13th! YAY!!! Can you tell I'm looking forward to the end?


A couple of my friends have been traumatized by their recent encounters with mice. Today I got my daily Garfield comic and I felt the need to post it on their behalf. I hope it makes them laugh:)

Monday, March 23, 2009


I love teaching Sunday School! I feel so blessed that the Lord opened up that opportunity for me 4 years ago (WOW, 4 years already, where did the time go?) I don't know that I've shared this story, but I would like to take the time now so that you can understand how special this ministry that I'm involved in is to me and how the Lord can use something so "little" to teach a big lesson. However, in order to do so I must backtrack to a few years ago.

Back in 2004, before my final Navy deployment, I worked in the nursery at our church. Of course it was always a joy to be with the babies and I was sad to leave them as I headed off to Japan. When I returned in 2005, I came back to not having a ministry to serve in at all. My friend Abbey had been asked to take my place (which was necessary due to laws and child ratios, all that stuff) and so I was left to wonder what the Lord had in store for me. I had, while on deployment, finished the ABC's of Christian Growth so I now was able to graduate up into the "big kids class", Pastor Sargents SS class. In the mean time I set to praying about the Lord using me in another ministry, hoping that it might be a teaching one, but I simply desired a place to serve in. Meanwhile, I told
noone about what was on my heart. I wanted to be able to give all of the glory to the Lord once he opened a door.

Now, anyone who has sought the Lord's will for a door to be open in their lives knows that there are 3 answers that he'll give you - yes, no, and wait. Well I was waiting, and while I was waiting the Lord started to place on my heart a burden for young ladies. This was a complete shock to me, as I considered myself somewhat out of that category, due mostly to the fact that the Navy had given me somewhat of a hard edge and that was not what they needed to be around. Then one day, post devotion, I realized that he wanted me to actually teach them. Ummm, what? Was basically my reply. And in all seriousness my reply back was, "Well Lord, I really don't think that's what you want", and then listed
my reasons to him as to why I didn't feel qualified. But I also said "If that's what you want I'll do it, but you've got to open the door, because I'm don't want to knock." Seriously, how dim was I? I had already been knocking, duh!

Anyway, sometime later on that week I had to drop off my new address and phone number to Kali for an update to our church directory, only Kali wasn't at her desk (she was at lunch) and Pastor Sargent was taking care of the phones for her while she was gone. So I handed him my info and he said that he wanted to talk to me about working in a teaching ministry. The Lord was now saying yes! I was casual on the outside, but inside I was a flutter at the thought of my prayer request being answered, still not thinking that working with girls was in the picture. I said OK, and he said we would talk about it on Sunday. Well Sunday came and instead of a talk what I received was an envelope from one of the ushers telling me that I would be joining the Jr. Girls Sunday School class, ages 9-13. Obviously God knew what he was doing because I can't ever imagine having another ministry, at this point, that I enjoy as much as working with girls, ladies, and offering up encouragement in such a capacity as it is needed. As Tim so eloquently put it on Saturday night, "They'll have to take it from me from my cold dead hands", or, as far as I'm concerned, finally getting married and moving if that's the Lord will.

Since that time, and through a series of events, I've been moved on to teaching the Primary girls, ages 6-9. Making this move made me a little nervous, as I have a tendency to get a little deep into Biblical explanations, and challenging pre-teens in that capacity is a little easier. However, this too the Lord has used to teach me and help me grow closer to him. realizing that it's OK to just give a simple answer which completely appeases a 6 year old. They're usually onto the new thing faster then I can come up with an answer. This brings me to yesterday and hearing the sweetest name offered up from one of the sweetest girls that I've had (I'll spare her name as she is a minor).

This little girl that I teach is quite a sweetie and is starting to open up more and interact with the lessons. It's still a process as captivating the attention of someone that young is fraught with distractions and rabbit trails, but she's getting much better. She's also learning how to read, thanks to teacher Kali.

Yesterday's lesson was about learning to trust Jesus, taught through the story of Jairus' daughter and the woman with the issue of the blood (Mark 5:21-43). The start of the lesson was to get the girls focused on Jesus protecting us, so on the board I wrote "Jesus protects us when. . ." Well, after I wrote it her little voice spoke up and said "The J has a ja sound". I said, "You're right it does. Now what about the letter next to it? What does the E sound like"? To which she replied with "Eeeee". "So let's put them together" I said. "JE, (Jeee, she said) and whats the next letter"? "S" she replied. "What sound does that make"? "Sssss" she said. "So let's put them together again. JES. . . (Jeees, she sounded out)" and then knowing what the other two sounds were U and S she shouted out "That says Jesus". Ahhh, out of the mouth of babes (Matthew 21:16).

There are many circles that we approach in learning how to trust Jesus more each day, but the wonderful irony, for me, and for my lesson was in that moment. Having learned to trust him to put me in the ministry he wanted me in, and getting to hear the sweetest name I know, from someone who will hopefully as well one day learn how to trust him and let him into her life. What if I had never said yes, to the Lord wanting to put me into a ministry like that? What if I had been to scared to ask the Lord for a ministry in the first place? I never would have gotten to have that moment yesterday and missed out on someones heart growing in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

This story has also been prevalent in my thoughts as we go through another change at church and let our Pastoral change take place, how the Lord used this situation to help me instill my trust not only in Him, but in those people that he's put in leadership positions within my life. Because no matter what God is in charge and he is perfectly capable of being trusted for everything. I don't know about tomorrow, but I know who holds my hand.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Once a month, on the Second Monday of the month us ladies at Bible Baptist Church are able to get together for a Ladies Bible Fellowship. Here we are ministered to by Mrs. Vicki Sargent, out Pastors wife and we also get the opportunity to participate in the monthly Secret Prayer Sister draw. We write our names down on pieces of paper and any special prayer requests that we have, which is getting spoiled enough, but we also get to spoil each other with gifts, if we can, cards of special thoughts are always good too. Just something to let them know that you are keeping them in yout prayers.

Anyway, last month for the first time in 6 years Sherri drew my name (I also finally drew her name earlier on in the year). So on the last day of the SPS month she (this past monday) she sent me this cheerful bouquet of flowers. Which was a pleasant sight after the long weekend, and even nicer throughout the very trying week that I've had. They definitely made my desk a much happier place to be at.

The Gerba daisies were bright and cheery and they were just a pleasant surprise to recieve. Of course my co workers with were hoping for some juicier news than I got them from my dear friend, but no such luck. Later that night I also received a very nice card and some chocolate from her candy shop.

Thank you again Sherri for just being there for me over the past 6 years. I'm so glad that we've gotten to not just be friends, but work with each other in our Sunday School class. Your friendship has simply been a blessing to me. Thank You!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Sidebar Posts

For your perusal I have some new sidebar posts:

~ $5 Dinners: All recipes are under $5. However, that's if you already have the ingredients, if not your grocery bill might be a bit more. But it's a great idea for these budget conscience times we live in. This is also not a GF exclusive site, so if you are GF then you have to weed through the recipes. You can find it under Websites.

~ Grace and Honor: An Online magazine courtesy of Lehigh Valley Baptist Church in Emmaus, PA. It has articles for encouragement as well as recipes for ladies to try out. I personally enjoy Jackie's article, Singleness of Heart.

~ Vanilla Spoons: The owner of this New England business contacted me yesterday after running across my blog. I took a look and theses GF gift baskets, that she designs, look like fun. Gourmet chocolate, nut mixtures, and baking mixes can be found in various baskets. You can find the link if you scroll down to my Gluten Free Like Me links.

~ Sisterly Savings: A website for tips on how to save more. I haven't taken a long look at it, but it looks interesting.

Pen song

Why is it that every time you need a pen you can never find one? Does this ever happen to you? It happens to me all the time. It seemed to happen to Alyssa the other night also at the Ladies Bible Fellowship so she asked me if I had an extra. Luckily I did, but not without having to dig in the depths of my purse for it. Which spurned a quick and silly song from me as I was digging out my receipts to see the bottom of my bag. It's set to the tune of a hymn, "Praise God My Sins Are Gone".

My Pens Are Gone

Gone, Gone, Gone, Gone all my pens are gone.
In my purse and underneath this stuff I don't need.
Buried under my receipts, yes that's where they've got to be.
Oh no, my pens are G-O-N-E, gone!

I don't even know how my brain comes up with this stuff sometimes. It's probably something that the Lord uses with me so that I can keep my sense of humor when I get frustrated. But for as long as I can remember I've always had a song of some sort stuck in my head and been able to come up with little ditty's like that. When I was in Kindergarten I got my name on the board because I was humming at my table during coloring time. Instead of the teacher coming up to me to say something, my name went up. Which brought some incredulous inquisitions from my mom, but not to me to my teacher who she thought was crazy for doing that. I mean really people it was coloring time. Obviously some people have no appreciation for artistic genius;) I like this little trick that I've been given though. I'm definitely never bored and it keeps thing interesting, to say the least.

What do you do to keep your sense of humor?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Depression Cooking with Clara

I just found out that Clara has a blog! She also has a website that is selling her DVD with all of her recipes and story filled charm! I'm gonna get it. Both are going to go on my sidebar lists. I love Clara and her cooking:)

Friday, March 13, 2009

I want to cry

After hours of piecing together the movie for the Sweathearts Banquet something happened inside my movie maker and it didn't save the final draft!:( Words don't exist to convey my irritation and sadness over this event. I only have one copy made, so at least I won't be completely starting from scratch and it's the end of the quarter, so guess what I'll be doing next week. Grrr! I'm so tired I want to cry, but in the immortal words of Scarlet O'Hara, "Tomorrow is another day."

Amidst this debacle, it's hard to beat the excitement that I feel seeing friends get victory in their spiritual lives. Decisions are made and God gets all the glory. There is victory in Jesus. Amen!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A new place for lunch

Last week the cafe across the street from my job re-opened. Previously it had been a coffee shop that served chili, wraps, and other subtitle lunch fare. However, the people that ran it, although they were very nice, were very spacey and inconsistent in the quality of their food. A number of times I was left to wait for my food while others, who had ordered after me, were served. The last straw was when I found a long strand of red hair in my taco salad, GROSS! (They were supposed to wear hairnets, or at least have their hair tied back, and consistently didn't)

The new owners are a husband and wife team, Chris and Rita, that have redesigned the space and are operating it as a family owned business. Their typical menu right now has salad, chicken soup, chili, quiche, and farmers pie.

Chris and Rita painting the fence

I had not planned on writing anything on this, but I was super impressed this morning when I went down for breakfast this morning. I don't usually like breakfast, and if I have it at all it's usually around 10 or 11 so it ends up being more of a brunch type meal. But I was hungry this morning so I thought that a Farmers pie sounded good (I can eat it because the crust is made from hash browns). However, this morning they did not have it ready yet, and not knowing my GF lifestyle they offered me a slice of quiche. I explained it to them and nice as can be Rita quickly offered to scramble me up some eggs and sausage with the hash browns (basically a ready made pie, minus the triangle shape). I even got it topped off with some provolone cheese:)
And due to the wait I also got a free cup of java (they only serve drip coffee so that they're not in competition with the other coffee places in town, a nice non competitive treat in the rat race that can be small business).

Anyway, I also decided to make it down there for lunch today to try their chili and it was delicious (also a bit spicy so if you get it ask for some sour cream so that it will balance out the spice). It's made completely from scratch so I don't have to worry about preservatives in the cans. Rita also gave me a side of mixed greens and tomatoes because I can't have the cornbread. Their Lemonade is also good. It actually has a lemon taste. Unlike most restaurants that make a mix out of sugar, this lemonade is made fresh and is tart like a good lemonade should be. If your mouth doesn't pucker then it's just not lemonade. But this is what I love about living in a small town like this once the owners know you they'll try to accommodate their patrons.

The other thing that is nice is that they're not open on Sunday's. They've chosen not to be open on that day so they can rest with family. While most people would find that an inconvenience, it's nice to see people make that day a priority in their lives. Everyone needs to have one day of rest.

Anyway, for those of you that live close by you should check out the Mosquito Fleet Chili House on Front St. (right across the street from the Penn Cove art gallery). I've enclosed the link for you all to read the story, and if you stop in tell them Carolyn sent you.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Good Eats

So I've never actually eaten at any of Kent Rathbuns restaurants, but I wanted to use my blog to give props to my friend Abbey for scoring the head pastry chef position at Kent Rathbun's new restaurant Rathbun's Blue Plate Kitchen.

I've been wanting to post this for a while, but I was waiting for their website to have more features. Anyway, I'm super proud of Abbey and for anyone that doesn't already know her cooking skills, she's an awesome cook/baker (she does both, even though the baking is her passion)! Like I said I can't speak from personal experience in eating there, but I have been privy to Abbey's skills, pre-pastry school, and I'm sure that she's gained mad skills in the 3 years that she's been pursuing her dream, so for those of you (that live in Texas) and can go you're in for a treat.

The whole menu looks yummy, even though I would not be able to eat the deserts due to my gluten intolerance, but I love a good steak and those sounded awesome! Her employers even beat Iron Chef Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America. Now that's some pretty good company!

P.S. For Abbey: I know you're tired but keep up the good work. Hopefully one day I'll get there to see ya, but you'll have to work on something Gluten Free.

Friday, March 6, 2009

I can't make up my mind

I know I said I was keeping the last one for awhile, but I saw this one today and it make my blog look much brighter and happier:) What do you think?

The end is in sight

So even though I won't be automatically transferring to a 4 year school after I complete my transfer degree, I do have to share with you all that I have finally registered for my final quarter of school, and filled out my diploma application, today.

Now you would think that with it being the final quarter of school that I would be trying to take it easy, right? Ummm, I was talked out of that by the VA rep at my school. See there is a clause in the VA that if you are in your last quarter of school that you can take whatever classes you want to, regardless of whether they apply to your degree or not, so that you can get the max benefits from your GI Bill. So that is what I decided to take advantage of.

Here is my schedule:
Intro to Marketing
Interpersonal Communication

The only way that I'm actually able to do it is that my time will be evenly distributed between SVC, work, and home. My Stats class will be taken in the classroom. There's noway that I'm trying to do that class online. I've never dealt with a math that high before so I think it behooves me to do it in class if at all possible. My Interpersonal Communication class will be cake. Obviously I'm a communicator and so I'm not worried about this class at all. I've heard from others that it's a really easy class. The last class is what made me think that a full time school schedule would be possible. See my offical work title is Marketing Assistant, and at other times my boss has allowed the other admin staffers to take online classes that pertain to their jobs. So I asked if he would extend the same courtesy towards me, even though my class will be more time intensive then the previous one that were taken. Well, as long as I can keep up with my other work there is no problem with me using work time to take this class.

So what will be my motivation this quarter to help me get through my goal? Well, with the money I'm already using to pay off my Visa and puting another huge chunk of money down on that, thanks to my GI Bill, after the quarter is over with I should be within a year of having it all paid off. This is what motivates me. I do have many other plates in the air, but because I only have one Bible institute class during that time, since I've already taken Angelology, I see this schedule a attainable . . . with a lot of prayer.

Will I tranfer to a 4 year school? I'm praying about it. I want to, but is it what God wants me to do? That is the question. After the business of these past 2 years I'm taking a much needed hiatus. There have been things that I haven't been able to give good concentration, or quality time, to. I have home projects to work on and "play dates" to make with the girls. Plus I'm really more interested at this point of honing in on my domestic skills and becoming that woman that God wants me to be, for Him, for myself , for my friends and church family, and for the future husband that He wants to bless me with (no nothing going on in that area of my life, these are just things that I know need to take place so that I can have the future household that I want). I'll still investigate further financial aid options for school and submit the neccessary applications, just in case this is the road that the Lord would have for me, but my heart just isn't there right now and I think that denotes some attention to be paid to it, and bathed in prayer.

Philippians 4:6 ~ Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

How thankful have I been lately in my prayer life? If I'm keeping it real, I'm not sure. But I should take better care of that.

Psalm 37:4 ~ Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

This is the one that needs attention paid to it. How often do I really "delight in the Lord"? And that's not just saying,"Oh I love the Lord today." But really finding strength, hope, fun and peace in his will and tasks that we would execute for him.
How often do you find yourself doing that? When was the last time that you really enjoyed the Lords work?

Please share in the comments an answer to either of these questions if you feel so inclined.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Roller Skating

I'm just one big kid! This is an activity that I don't do often, but when I do it reminds me of my childhood. Ne'er was there a summer that I was not out on our back porch, or garage, rolling around on my skates while listening to my Walkman and getting hollered at by my mom to take of my skates in the house.

The exchange went something like this:

Mom: Take off your skates in the house!
Me: But I'm just going to the bathroom. I'll be out in two minutes.
: Take them off if your going to cross the carpet.
: But by the time I take them off I could have already been in and out of the bathroom.
Mom (again): Take them off in the house! I'm not going to say it again.

Of course, at that point, I would try to tempt my fate by then tiptoeing across the carpet on the toe stopper. Which always led to them being taken away from me for the rest of the day. If I had only listened the first time, right? Who knows maybe I could have been the first to push for roller skating in the Olympics;) Ahhh, a child's dreams dashed in the blink of a pee break. Oh, well. There are other dreams to fulfill.
But that does bring me to the events of this past week. A roller skating teen/SPG activity which we were asked to join in with a church that we know up in Bellingham.

The skating was fun. . .

Falling not so much. . .

I was the first and only injury of the night too. Go figure! The first one to accept the offer and the one most excited about it, is the one that ended up going down. Somehow, in my minds eye while reliving my former skating glory, I failed to remember that gravity is no skaters friend. I had not been out on the floor for 5 minutes when Alyssa began to "congratulate" me on staying vertical, "Hey look at Carolyn! Way to go!" When I fell down. . . KERR PLOP! and right on my right hand too. In a job where I have to type all day a hand injury is a nightmare to deal with. Nothing was broken though, thankfully. That's a Dr./Emergency room bill that I wouldn't want to deal with. My poor Visa wouldn't be able to take it. Anyway, I sat out for a little bit, but after the dust settled and my hand stopped shaking I got right back out there. Hey, go BIG or go home! Thanks Chris for taking the photo.

Most everyone was on roller blades though. It's got to be a generational thing. Except for Katie who was rockin' it on the blades, she didn't fall once! Even when Isaiah took out Rolando in a feeble attempt to stop. They tumbled right in front of her, body over body, but she dodged the dog pile unscathed.

Joel won the race he was in.

Anna almost won hers, she had them until the final stretch. She's little, but she's mighty. Definitely the fastest body out there.

Everybody basically did there best to stay vertical, Levi's was a matter of heavy concentration.

And no skating trip is complete without a cell phone break.

Despite the injury, I'm not that sore and I'm glad I went. Seriously, people don't believe me when I tell them I'm turning 30 this year (in just a mere 2 months), and I think that it's activities like this that keep the spirit young. Although, the next time may be in the distant future. At least until my wrist stops throbbing.

Do you have any childhood activities that you like to still take part in? If so, what are they? Feel free to share in the comments.

Here are some videos of us skating. The rink had horrible lighting for pics with my camera and I couldn't get it figured out.

#12 on my list, Learn 30 new words (#6)

I'm thinking about changing the name of my blog once my 30 x 30 deadline is up and in searching for a word in the Thesaurus I came across this one.


Part of Speech: Adjective
Definition: Fun-loving, Jovial

Monday, March 2, 2009

#19 on my list, Read 15 new books (#7)

Why a book on manners? What are manners? Why do we need to concern ourselves with proper etiquette? What priority do we need to place on all the above? "Manners" is defined as our way of acting, our social conduct. Etiquette is the use of good manners. Having good manners and observing the rules of etiquette need not be a burden. It is simply caring about one another's feelings and comfort. It stems from common sense and thoughtfulness. The reason for this book is that it might become a quick reference for those many occasions in which you might have a question as to the right thing to do or say or wear. May your motivation to do the right thing come from a desire to "walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing" (Col. 1:10).

This was a really easy read for book #7 on my list, which was nice considering how busy I've been lately. It was a real blessing to receive from my friend Trish. Her daughter was initially looking at it and she didn't know if they had anymore and so I asked Trish if she knew, as she was purchasing it. She said it was the only one, but then said if I wanted it I could have it, on her. With the stipulation that I DO read it. Well the other day I got the chance as I was waiting for a friend at Starbucks.

Initially I thought there would be more explanation behind the rules, but when you think about it good manners never need any real explanation. You either have them or you don't.

Some of the rules, I thought, were just common sense. Like, A wise Christian woman does not eavesdrop. However, most of these rules, like when walking with a man, it is a womans place to be on the inside of the walk, have pretty much died off in society so it's nice to have a reference to have handy (my dad tought me that rule on one of our father daughter dates when I was 16). And how do I know it's dead, because I've had to tell guys about that rule and the've looked at me like I'm crazy.

Some of the chapters and corresponding rules

1. In the Home
~ The conscientious Christian woman will not allow the slits on her dress to rise higher than the bottom of her knee.
The list of traditional anniversary gifts was also neat.

2. In the House of God
~ The children of a thoughtful Christian woman are not to be found running through the church (this is a huge pet peeve of mine when I see it).

3. In the Market Place
~ The womans escort is to be seated to her left.
One that wasn't mentioned, and my Dad also taught me, is that a man is to be seated facing the door, when sitting in a restaurant.

4. House-Trained
~ Children should not be allowed to interrupt others while they are conversing (another pet peeve).

5. Time for Tea
~ Never extend the ring or pinkie finger while drinking a cup of tea.
I also enjoyed seeing the steeping time for different teas.

If I ever have a daughter it will be a good teaching tool. Of course I'm going to have to learn and practice most of these myself since example really is the best tool in teaching children how to operate in society. Anyway, it's a good book for those who are interested in what the rules of polite society are, or those who really want to put it into practice. If you're interested you can get it through Sword of the Lord Publishers (and yes here's the link for it). They also have one for young men. I'm thinking Christmas presents for next year. Dad, Nancy, what do you think?

Cluster Maps

I really enjoy seeing where people are reading my blog from. Unfortunately every year they archive the Map. I guess it has to do with the amount of storage possible, or something like that. So the lovely people at Cluster Maps have posted a new map for more people to make their mark on. I hope that I end up having more than this over the next year with my blog, especially in South America. My popularity seems to not have caught on there;) The country with the most views of course was North America, thanks to my family, all my crew and people that I've met over the years. A close second was Europe. And coming around the bend in third place was India. Pretty cool:) I can't believe that I've been doing this for a year already. So many things have happened and the Lord has been good through it all. I can't wait to see what the next year brings. Thank you again for stopping by.

Ya'll come back now, ya hear:)


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