Monday, March 2, 2009

#19 on my list, Read 15 new books (#7)

Why a book on manners? What are manners? Why do we need to concern ourselves with proper etiquette? What priority do we need to place on all the above? "Manners" is defined as our way of acting, our social conduct. Etiquette is the use of good manners. Having good manners and observing the rules of etiquette need not be a burden. It is simply caring about one another's feelings and comfort. It stems from common sense and thoughtfulness. The reason for this book is that it might become a quick reference for those many occasions in which you might have a question as to the right thing to do or say or wear. May your motivation to do the right thing come from a desire to "walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing" (Col. 1:10).

This was a really easy read for book #7 on my list, which was nice considering how busy I've been lately. It was a real blessing to receive from my friend Trish. Her daughter was initially looking at it and she didn't know if they had anymore and so I asked Trish if she knew, as she was purchasing it. She said it was the only one, but then said if I wanted it I could have it, on her. With the stipulation that I DO read it. Well the other day I got the chance as I was waiting for a friend at Starbucks.

Initially I thought there would be more explanation behind the rules, but when you think about it good manners never need any real explanation. You either have them or you don't.

Some of the rules, I thought, were just common sense. Like, A wise Christian woman does not eavesdrop. However, most of these rules, like when walking with a man, it is a womans place to be on the inside of the walk, have pretty much died off in society so it's nice to have a reference to have handy (my dad tought me that rule on one of our father daughter dates when I was 16). And how do I know it's dead, because I've had to tell guys about that rule and the've looked at me like I'm crazy.

Some of the chapters and corresponding rules

1. In the Home
~ The conscientious Christian woman will not allow the slits on her dress to rise higher than the bottom of her knee.
The list of traditional anniversary gifts was also neat.

2. In the House of God
~ The children of a thoughtful Christian woman are not to be found running through the church (this is a huge pet peeve of mine when I see it).

3. In the Market Place
~ The womans escort is to be seated to her left.
One that wasn't mentioned, and my Dad also taught me, is that a man is to be seated facing the door, when sitting in a restaurant.

4. House-Trained
~ Children should not be allowed to interrupt others while they are conversing (another pet peeve).

5. Time for Tea
~ Never extend the ring or pinkie finger while drinking a cup of tea.
I also enjoyed seeing the steeping time for different teas.

If I ever have a daughter it will be a good teaching tool. Of course I'm going to have to learn and practice most of these myself since example really is the best tool in teaching children how to operate in society. Anyway, it's a good book for those who are interested in what the rules of polite society are, or those who really want to put it into practice. If you're interested you can get it through Sword of the Lord Publishers (and yes here's the link for it). They also have one for young men. I'm thinking Christmas presents for next year. Dad, Nancy, what do you think?

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Jersey Mama said...

Very interesting book! This might be the second one I read on your recommendation. :)

Children running and playing loudly in church, and interrupting conversations are both pet peeves of mine as well! lol


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