Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Red Robin GF Menu

A few months ago I joined the Red Robin birthday club. How sad is that? It was an off day for me and I was thinking "at least Red Robin and Dairy Queen will remember to send me a coupon for my birthday". I'm such a loser sometimes:( Anyway, I'm over that hump, but today I decided to check it out and see what was GF in their establishment. They do have GF options! I am sad to report, however, that their Red Robin seasoning is not GF. They have a GF menu, that I'm posting on here so you can see what's on it, and how they recommend that someone living a GF lifestyle make their order. It's not perfect but it's something. The seasoning issue is very disappointing though:( I love their fries with lots of that salty goodness. Alas, this shall be no more.

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