Friday, January 1, 2010

And God send you a Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all, mysterious readers that you are. Roughly 2,300 views of my blog this year and yet the only comments still remain from my friends. Oh well, thank you for reading anyway.

Last night was our annual watch night service at church. There was Pastor Sargent's annual Bible Quiz, this year it was taken out of 1 Thessalonians. And naturally there was preaching. This year, however, we had Talent Time a time were we got to share our talents that the Lord has blessed us with. See out church theme for this year id Cultivating the Commitment. There are plenty of able bodies in out church that have gifts to share ad last night that was apparent to all.

There were music specials. . .

There were specials in song. . .

Kali & Alyssa Sing "Lord Here Am I"

A Girls Trio sings "I Love You Lord"
Finally the attenders were treaded to the Silent SPG's. The Monks are cute enough, but we all thought they were a bit played out at this point so we decided to simplify it. And you know what, everyone liked it just as much, even without all of the hype that the Monks have stirred up; and honestly this is the best time that we went through it, go figure.

2009 ended with a bunch of us over at the Waldron's ringing in the New Year with fun and laughs. This was the 3rd year that all of us showed up there and it will be sad that the tradition will have to change with their impending move accross the mountains. So it was nice to have that time together.

The best is yet to be, welcome 2010!


Lori said...

In this area,churches don't have watch night services much anymore. I remember going to them when I was younger and enjoyed them so much.

I know what you mean about the dozens of visitors that visit and then not leave a comment. There's no telling who is stopping by for a visit. :)

Jackie's World said...

Your special New Year's Eve service looked so fun! What a great idea - talent show :o)
Hey are you wearing a snuggie?? LOL

Cove Girl said...

:)LOL Yes I was wearing my snuggie. Kali got one for Christmas too and so I brought min over to their house while we were celebrating, but I got really warm, really fast.


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