Tuesday, April 15, 2008

#14 on my list, Meet 30 new people (#6 & 7)

This one is moving along in a grand fashion. This past weekend we at Bible Baptist church had the pleasure of hearing one of the missionaries that we support preach.

6 & 7. His name is Bill Richards and he had his wife Brenda with him. Evidently we have been supporting them since they left the BBF missions program 20 years ago, but they had never been to see us before. However this Sunday changed all that. He gave 2 great sermons. I especially enjoyed the one in the evening, about not forgetting what we were prior to salvation. I know it had to be difficult for his to try and preach in English again since he's been doing it in German for 20 something years, but I thought he did an excellent job. Any time the gospel is presented it is a excellent message. I'm glad that I got to talk with them and find out more about their ministry, as well as their sons. For we also support their son Seth's new ministry work in Germany as well. In all honesty I stayed to converse with them way later than I had expected to, but it was well worth it because it's not all that often that we may be able to see them so you have to take advantage of the opportunities that come along.

I especially enjoy getting to talk to missionaries and find out about what they face on different fields. I would love to go to a foriegn field to help and evangelist, but the only request that I have concerning that is, that if it ends up being in the Lords will for me to marry someone that is called to the mission field that it's not in Asia. Don't get me wrong Asia is beautiful, but it's muggy and sticky! I don't mind heat, but humidity is not something that I enjoy for more than a week, if I were on a vacation. I know this because when I was in Japan and Diego Garcia (for about 6 months each) it was like that, and I was there during monsoon season, UGH! Of course I'll go and do whatever he asks of me, but I can always pray and still hold on to the hope that my wishes will meet up with what the Lord desires of me.

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