Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Name my recipe

In my last blog I mentioned that my friend renamed my recipe, which is fine, but I want to get your feed back on it so I posted a poll. Let me know what you think the recipe should be named and I'll name on it based on the results. I'm leaving it up until the end of the year (New Year, new recipe), so you have a while (and you can vote more than once, just in case you're really passionate about what it should be called).

Continue to vote on my hair color too! Right now the blonds are ahead. My friend Dave told me on Sunday, pretty emphatically, that I SHOULD NOT dye it brown. Normally I'm not looking for other peoples opinions, but this is a pretty big deal, and Dave is always good about giving me feed back if I'm making a fashion/cosmetic disaster. Plus it's always nice to have the opinion of a guy, every now and then, especially since I'm on my own. So it was appreciated.

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