Tuesday, October 21, 2008

#9 on my list, Help someone who can not help themselves

So there's 3 down on my list.

Recently I had a very good friend that had to go through surgery, and now that she's home recovering I got to make her, and her husband, dinner last night. This is something that I enjoy doing anyway so it was a pleasure to be able to help her out. I made her my Crunchy Chicken Casserole (she called is Fried Chicken Casserole, since its faux friend chicken based) since she let me use her oven to cook it the first time I tried (after catching my oven on fire). I figured it was only fair. She, and her husband, really enjoyed it.

We visited for a bit, but she was pretty loopy due to the meds, so I didn't stay to long. I'm jut glad to see her recovering nicely.

So why do I choose this as my #9, when she does have help for her right now? Because she was in need of being helped and we are good friends:). I'll still keep my eye out for others, but this was the one that I chose to write about.

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