Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's a bird, it's a plane. . .no, it's a fire in my oven!!!

So the events of last night were just CRAZZZY!!! I don't even know where to begin. Nothing ever goes simple in my life, so why should this have been any different. Appliances have it out for me for sure, for just a few weeks ago I accidentally added to much soap (Ummm liquid soap) to the dish washer in my St. Louis hotel room and you guessed it bubbles galore. The pics are below for your entertainment, courtesy of Kali:)

Anyway, that's not my story. This is. . .(and no it wasn't a ploy to play the damsal in distress and see some men in uniform, although that was nice too)

It began a few weeks ago when I volunteered to make a dinner for my friend Shannon, now that she's post baby. It's really no big deal. I love to do things like that for my friends, plus it came with the obligatory getting to hold the baby:) YAY!!! (Side note, she's soooooooo cute, Thanks Shannon). Anyway, I get off of work at 4 and so that should have left me plenty of time to make dinner, iron my clothes, and deliver dinner by 5:30. However, life held other plans for me.

My dinner, which I'm counting as a meal for my list (this makes it 2 now), was pretty simple, Crunchy Chicken Casserole. I don't know how it turned out taste wise since I hade never made it before so I'll have to ask Shannon (I know I totally took a chance there, making a dinner I've never cooked before and leaving it for my Pastor and his wife to eat. But I'm an OK cook so I'm not that worried). The prep work took only about 15 min, during which I as allowing my oven to pre heat to the temp that I needed to cook the casserole at, and here is where the problem arises. After I was done mixing the ingredients I turned to my oven and saw some smoke coming out of it. I figured that it was just some residue from cleaning my oven weeks earlier so I opened up to take a look. Not seeing anything particular I closed it and then after I grabbed my casserole to put in the oven I re-opened the oven only to see flames coming up from the bottom. Whatever it was on the bottom of the oven (I think it was left over food stuff that I didn't clean as well as I thought I did) had ignited when I added oxygen to the smoke just a few minutes earlier. OI VAY!!! It scared me to death, but I closed the oven, turned turned it off and called 911 just in case. 'Cause I don't want to be the one that burns down my building. That's way not cool.

So the fire department, police, and the ambulance came. WHAT! It was insane, just for a little oven fire. So, they came through aired out my apt, checked for heat levels, and left. However, that took almost 20 minutes from when I called 911, so now I'm behind. Lucky for me my good friend Becki lives just a few doors away from me so I called her and told her what happened. Of course she thought it was funny, and was glad it wasn't her, plus it kept her son Mikey entertained for a while as well. But she was kind enough to let me use her oven while she was getting the place ready for her husband to come home for a visit (He's been over in the great big sand box across the pond for almost a year now). So I had to cook the dinner in Becki's oven, while I went back home to make the salad to accompany the casserole. By this time I'm glowing with persperation as my heart palpatations had not subsided, but I think that the adreniline rush is what kept me going. At least I was able to give her son Mikeya good show. He was very excited that the Fire truck was at "his house".

About 30-45 min later dinner was ready at Becki's
and it's a good thing I got there when I did 'cause Ken had called to say that he got in early so Becki was on her way out the door. Timing really is everything.

After all was said and done, I really wasn't that much later than I had intended to be. It was just a long evening, and if you know me I do tend to be accident prone, and it's really never the same thing twice. I just have a way of keeping things lively, LOL! In any case it was a time to look at son OK looking firemen. . .(insert dramatic pause) AHHH, who doesn't love a man in uniform. . .OK, I'm back. Sorry I don't have any picture of the oven, my camera broke in St. Louis and I have to get a new one.

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Meleah said...

I can't believe that they have dishwashers in the hotel rooms! How did you end up needing to use it?


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