Monday, October 20, 2008

More Biden one liners

OK, the first one I posted was funny and generally Biden is always good for a laugh. However, the esteemed VP candidate has done it again except this time it's not so funny and no one (thanks to the wonderful mainstream media) is covering it.

This past weekend Joe Biden was in Seattle to stump for our incumbent Governor and raise more money for Obama (because for some reason the party thinks he doesn't have enough). Anyway, someone in the audience had a microphone and was recording his speech when he said that within 6 mo. of Obama becoming president that there would be an international crisis. There was no follow up, no explaination, and like I said no one is calling him on it! GRRR! It's one thing to put your foot in your mouth when telling a man that's confined to a wheel chair to stand up. But it's a completely different thing to offer up irresponsible rhetoric in such a public fashion.

If Palin or McCain had said this you know it would have been the lead story on every news network, but there hasn't even been a blip of anything on the radar where he's concerned. Now I do know, and I think we all do, that a new President is always tested. Something always comes up for them, but the way it was offered up was completely irreponsible. Why has the media been more scrutinising to Joe "the plumber" then these to people wanting to lead our country?! In my ever humble opinion he needs to answer up and be held accountable. Not that any one in any kind of power reads my blog, but I was just perturbed when I heard this on my radio show this afternoon.

The link can be found if you click on the word speech.

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Jackie's World said...

Ahh, Biden is such a fool! We have to keep praying for God's mercy!


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