Sunday, October 19, 2008

#14 on my list, Meet 30 new people (#10&11)

I really enjoy getting to know the missionaries that pass through out church! What can I say, I'm a people person. I got the opportunity to meet the Browns today (missionaries to Colorado). My friends Steve and Sherri were nice enough to let me crash in on lunch and fellowship with them and the Browns, since they were staying with them. The stuffed salmon was awesome, thanks to the wonderful people at Safeway that work in the seafood department and Sherri's oven:) We had a good time talking about everything from the field they've been called to, to how to properly train a dog ;the Vaughns have the cutest peekapoo, Levi, who does the funniest tricks,Levi wasn't up to par today though hopefully he feels better. Anyway, it was a fun afternoon with friends and I'm always greatful for the opportunity to meet missionaries that have a passion to reach people. 11 people down, only 19 more to go on my list.

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