Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shopping & Saving

LTIA is right around the corner in 2 in a half weeks time the SPG's will be in D.C. It's been such a long time in coming (plans started before we even had plans for the Sweethearts Banquet nailed down). However, as with any trip there are requirements that we must adhere to. One such requirement involves maintaining an adequate dress code. Now this would not be so much of an issue if the conference were say, in mmmm . . . Alaska. We have the clothing for that. But we're not really equipt for 90+ degrees and the 100% humidity that comes with the weather in D.C. Yes, the heat is suffocating. Not to mention finding adequate shoes that will allow for a long days walk around the monuments. Back when I lived in the Beltway, I walked from the National Mall all the way down to Georgetown in flip flops. My feet throbbed for the next 2 days not to mention the severe need for a pedicure that followed. I'm NOT doing that again. In other words shopping must be done, but that all seems counter intuitive my future financial goal, right? Well . . . not when coupons are involved!

It all started back in April when I actually did have the money to get a few new outfits and I bought a couple dress suits at JCPenny, which earned me $30 in JCPenny bucks, and my purchase at The Dress Barn earned me another book of coupons for there. The caviat was though that I had to use them by May 31st, which is Memorial Day, which also means Memorial Day sales!!! I really didn't have any intention to shop inititally, but I also didn't want "free money" to go to waste. I'll admit it, I'm becoming somewhat of a coupon hound. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a coupon clipper just to buy junk I won't use or eat, because my diet doesn't allow for most of the stuff that coupons can buy, but when I find ones that I can use I DO and it's fun:) But more about the groceries later.

First stop JCPenny, the mission . . . find appropriate walking shoes that are dressy at the same time. This has been an arduous task at best. But I found a pair that I thought was decent and they had padded soles, but not the size I needed, the size that I needed was to be found about an hour away at the Alderwood Mall a.k.a. shoppers heaven. Knowing that I also had a gift card to use at the Williams & Sonoma store at Alderwood, a birthday gift from my girls, I said to hold them and that I would be there, and who knows they also haad a bigger selection so I may find something I like better. Well I did and short of wearing them out on visitation on Thursday to break them in I think that they'll work. Initial cost of shoes $34.95 - $30 in coupons = $4.95 + tax. So basically $30 shoes for around $5. SWEET!!!

Second stop Christopher & Banks, the mission . . . see if I could find a blue sweater like the red & black ones that 2 of my friends bought on Saturday. They were having great sales. And additional 50 - 70% off already marked down appearal. Well I found the sweater but because they didn't have it in my size I had to order it, but because I ordered it from the store I got the additional 50% off off of the alreday marked down sweater!

Stop 3 The Dress Barn, no real mission, but I did want to see if I could utilize my coupons for something, if not no biggie. Well I did find something a dressy turquoise sweater and a black & white skirt. 20% off on the skirt. Oh, and wait, what do I find in my purse my Dress Barn punch card that gives me another $25 off on my total purchase. So a pretty nice outfit for just $25 dollars.

Stop 4 Lane Bryant, I won't mention the unmentionables, but with the sale that they were having and my coupon and with an additional percentage off that the sales girl gave me at the counter I saved $153 off of what my total would have been and ended up paying less than 3 of the items would have cost at their full retain price. Trust me when I say I NEEDED these items in particular, but because they are good quality I won't need anymore for a little while to come.

As for the groceries I mentioned, this one is always fun. For such a small town I live in we have 3 grocery stores, not including the Commisary on the Naval Base. I don't include that one though because most people can't shop there. However, I choose to shop at Safeway, for my non-GF items because I can wrack up points on my Safeway card that will benefit me at the gas pump. I can also add coupons straight to that card without having to clip anything, and that's always nice. It's always fun swiping the card and seeing the minus signs below the items and the total rapidly decrease. I saved 26% off of my grocery bill in coupons this month. I shop monthly for most things except vegetables & fruit because I get paid monthly and I got .10 cents off on my gas purchase as well. Now if I ould only get my hands on coupons for GF food too. Think of the fun I could have then!

So yes I did some shopping, but if I had not have had the coupons or gotten such great deals I wouldn't have done any. Oh and the money that I did spend did not add to my credit card. So there you have it, yes some shopping but ooohhh what GREAT savings I had! And that was a lot of fun. Plus I got my long sought after shoes YAY!!!


Jersey Mama said...

Congrats on the successful shopping trip ... BUT I am disappointed that there are no pictures of the new clothes and shoes!

Cove Girl said...

Hey Mama,
I thought about it and I may update the post later. I just didn't have the time or the motivation last night. Be on the look out though.


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