Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another Bill Bites the Dust

Well as my goal continues another bill bites the dust. . .my Sallie Mae loan that is. It was a biggun too. . .$4515 to be exact (I don't plan on putting any actual numbers up until the whole bill is paid off, just so you know). Some people might wonder, "Why put down numbers at all?" Well simply put it's because I need to see exactly where I've come from and where I'm going, and in order to do that it's important to be honest with how I arrived in this spot in the first place. Mostly it's because of pride and discontentment, like much of debt actually is. Buying things that I couldn't afford, or wanting to meet someone elses need at my own personal expense. I can't really count the emergencies that have come up for me as misuse of my money, because lets face it. . .life happens, I just take it as a lesson that I should plan better in the future for those times that do come up. I'm working on that too.

I felt especially blessed this past Sunday with some friends of mine. I was saying goodbye to some friends (Vicki had come in from Spokane for the weekend) as they were planning on where they wanted to go for lunch with their kiddos and she and Joy asked me to join them. My initial reply was to decline because I couldn't afford it, but instead of taking my no for an answer they offered to pay so that I could enjoy an afternoon of free fellowship and food with friends.

Vicki, Joy & Moi
I paid my student loan off earlier this evening when I got home from work. There's no real fan fare to speak of. I wasn't torn up about it because I knew that the money needed to go to that bill, but in the spirit of keeping ya'll up to date on my debt pay down that is my newest move forward in my goal that I had previously put forward.

So here's where it's at so far. . .
Laptop: $1200 (PAID IN FULL)
Student Loan: $4515 (PAID IN FULL)
Credit Card: ----- (See ticker above)

Now normally this would take a person quite a while, but since I'm still receiving my monthly GI Bill money I've been able to accomplish this process a bit faster than most. So if you're a reader that has the same goal realize that, at this point at least, I have a little bit of help from my previous career. Don't feel bad about not being able to make huge strides like these, just do what you can and it will all turn out OK for you as well. This money will soon be cut off at the end of May since I'm not continuing on with school right now, which is another post for another time, but suffice it to say that this choice was put on my heart by the Lord and He's been blessing my ministries since, even if the new video editing program at church doesn't want to work right, right now:P For a little more explanation feel free to read this older post. But I digress, soon though I will be in the same spot as most people that have this in common plight, and then I will be at the mercy of the resources that the Lord has blessed me with. Really it's amazing how the money can last when priorities are set straight.


Jersey Mama said...

Congratulations on paying off another debt! What a wonderful feeling.

Engrafted Lives said...

Way to go Carolyn! Keep plugging along and in no time you will be debt free and what a great feeling that is!!


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