Friday, April 16, 2010



Sandi went out of her way last week to buy this mix for me and I finally made them up last night, while I was trying, unsuccessfully I might ad, to defrag my computer (another post on that later). A midst the irritation of staring at the MS Windows circle going 'round and 'round I needed something constructive to do so out came my mixer and voila!!!

These way surpass Bob's Red Mill, not to knock down Bob at all because I love his products, but his come out very dry and crumbly. Betty's cookies are less crumbly and really moist for GF cookies, a lot of times GF cookies are dry, AND to top it all off the chocolate chips are regular sized too. Not something you'll find with BRM. I dare you to pull a switcharoo on someone to see if they can tell the difference, because I can't nor could my co-worker Sarah. to quote the infamous Rachel Ray "YUM-O"!!!

Alas while my laptop did not survive the evening, all was not lost with these cookies serving as my distraction. The best part of baking is how your home smells afterward *sigh* irritation will not last long while the aroma of vanilla and butter permeates the air.

Thanks Sandi:)

In case you're interested the Betty Crocker website has a whole slew of GF recipes:)


Jackie's World said...

YES! All the Betty Crocker GF desserts are awesome! It's amazing how many friends I have who are gluten-intolerant. I have mild symptoms and am trying to avoid it best I can. A little really doesn't effect me that much. (But I don't want to wait until it effects me allot :o)

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................


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