Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sweethearts Banquet 2010...a much overdue post

WOW, where did the time go. After reading Kali's blog I realized that I've been remiss in posting the events of this past February's Sweethearts Banquet. Here's the play by play, at least according to me. I'm know that Kali will have her own spin on the evening as well, so stop on by and see what moments she was able to capture and how she was blessed with the evening.

If you've read about it before you know that the Sweethearts Banquet is one of the highlights of the SPG calendar. This year we had a lot going on the week of Valentines Day as well as the weekend before, so we had the Sweethearts Banquet a week after Valentines (click on the link to read about last years Banquet).

Last year our theme was Continuing the Commitment, complete with a vow renewal ceremony for the couples. This year we wanted to do something a more low key. Since our church theme this year is Cultivating the Commitment we thought a garden party would be ideal, i.e. cultivating a garden, get it. Back when Shannon came to visit in December we were all at DQ and just started talking about how we really needed to come up with a theme since it the SH Banquet would be coming upon us fast (it always does). Initially we were thinking of a picnic theme, and then I think I said something about having a picnic in a garden, which we then all realized that a garden theme would be more ideal with the theme of cultivation. Really the SPG's are more in sync with each other than a lot of people realize. We don't all like the same things, we are after all our own people, but when it comes to the big stuff, banding together and getting the job done, or planning something like this, we all work together well and do a decent job of putting out egos aside. That's a rarity in life. This year we, as a church, learned about what our spiritual gifts are and now that we know them I think that we’ll be able to polish our dynamic, allowing certain people to shine when necessary, but all to give glory to the Lord, which is at the core of the SPG’s and their “mission” so to speak. While we are in this mode of waiting, we are also using our lives to serve the Lord and his church. It’s hard to be a Single that Pleases God when you are not doing anything that would please him, namely serving His church.

So without further ado I’ll let the pictures, and their captions do the talking of what was yet another successful effort by the SPG’s.

Welcome to the Sweethearts Garden. . .

Pictures of the Couples

Our centerpieces

The Tables
Taking the orders
This years menu: Soup, Salad & Bread sticks
Much easier than last year

Gearing up for SPG Jeaporady

Complete with Christoper Trebek

Everyone got a kick out of Chris' outfit

This Years Winners
Tim prepared for the devotion
Mr. Green re-proposed to his Sweetheart after
their many years of marriage. It was a sweet moment.
Now for desert!!!
This year we went with cupcakes.
Kali and Alyssa worked hard on the decorating them.

Fellowship was enjoyed by all. Here are some men
welcoming back Bro. Aquino who had just got home from deployment.

Donations were accepted.

The Bakers!!!
While we were cleaning....
Kali & Nicki counted the donations.
I watched to maintain accountability.
We made enough to cover the cost of the dinner and
for some of our travel expenses for LTIA this year.
Boys being boys
We had to push Anna out...
She & Chris are getting married this summer
Here's the cute couple

It was a great night and it's great to see the Lord still at work in our group. We enjoy being a blessing to those in our church.

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The Mold-ee :) said...

It looks like it was a splendid time! I'm glad you guys get to do this type of ministry!


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