Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Does anyone really think that this is OK to wear?

I was looking on a dress site today and I found this dress. . .

Please people, is this really OK to wear?

I don't care what age you are lamme went out of fashion in the 80's. And with as tight as it is can it really be considered modest like the website claims it to be? I jokingly sent it to Kali, threatening the use of it for a bridesmaid dress, LOL (I hope she got the joke). Regardless of it's modestly in question this color would never look OK in BBC, nor would people leave the auditorium without their eyes being seared from the extreme glare through the windows. It would probably serve a better purpose for use a traffic reflector. Although I don't think this is worth any points if you hit it.


Lori said...

Oh my goodness!!! I can't believe that horrible stuff is back. I remember looking for dresses while in high school and that was all you could find.

Cove Girl said...

Yeah I know, all bad fashion seems to make a comeback eventually.

countrygirl85 said...

HAHAHA Who in their right mind would wear that let alone pose in a magazine with this contraption on. Well maybe that's the purpose to go with a retro look, not sure but it does scream disaster.


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