Friday, April 10, 2009

Home a whole week

Well I tried going to work this morning but along about 10 I started to get a headache and not feeling well again so I came back home. It is really rare that I'm like this so I'm really curious as to what brought this on. Anyway, thank you all for you well wishes and comments. Overall I think I'll be OK, it's just gonna be a little bit in coming. However, I was able to have time this afternoon to work on some math, which will be good progress towards this summers goal of graduation. For all those nay sayers that gave me a raised eyebrow about taking Statistics I just got a 90% on my first test. So. . .even though it's the beginning at least it's looking to be a strong one:)

The other welcome event that came out of this week was a phone call from my Dad. It's really not fun getting sick when you live on your own and you have to take care of yourself. In fact my Dad was sharing with me, when he called on Tuesday, that the first time he got sick after he moved away from home he actually went back to have his mom take care of him. I live a little farther away so that's not an option for me, but I might have seriously considered it if I did. However, that being the case I was feeling pretty sorry for myself and lonely, dreading having to get up of the couch to get myself some juice, in order to take my Tylenol, and wishing that I could just get some rest from the aching fever that had been plauging me for two days when my phone rang and sarted flashing my Dad's phone icon letting me know that it was him. It was really nice to hear his voice on the other end of the phone and the fact that he was calling to check on me was really nice as well. He was making sure that I was taking mediceine, getting rest, and wanting to know if I had gone to the Dr. They were small questions, but big to me, and ones that I think a lot of people take for granted when they have their families around the all the time, and something that I hope I don't take for granted once I get the opportunity to have it in my life.

So that was my week. Hopefully next week will be better and I'll have things that are more interesting to blog about.

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