Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Best Deal Ever

In all of the sickness of last week I forgot to blog about the greatest deal that I've ever made in the case of school books:) And it happened totally by accident.

So all of my homework and tests for math are done in a online program called My Math Lab (courtesy of the folks at Course Compass). This program by itself costs $71, and if it's purchased inside of a book package the whole cost for the my math book and the computer code for My Math Lab costs $177. Oi Vay!!! Well in my effot to conserve what I could on my Visa I decided that the cheapest route to take was to buy the My Math Lab from Skagit, and the text from eBay. Which I did. Via eBay I ended up paying $59 for the text book, with the CD's from the book, and the correesponding answer books. So with the $71 for the My Math Lab and the $59 for the text I ended up spending a total of $136, a savings of $41 if I had bought everything from the campus book store. Not bad, I thought initially, it could have been worse. However, it actually gets a whole lot better!

When I received the text book from the seller on eBay, it came with a un opened My Math Lab code, which meant that it had not been tied to a class yet, which also meant that I could return the one that I spent $71 on and get that money back! So, what did I end up spending on my math book + My Math Lab a whopping $59!!! This is the greatest deal that I've worked so far for one of my text books. Especially since the code was so ecpensive by itself. I mean they don't even include a disc or anything. Crazy!

Anyway, I had to share that because it ended up being sucha great deal:) Maybe I should major in economics;)


Jersey Mama said...

PTL! That is awesome! He never ceases to surprise us, does He?

Engrafted Lives said...

Carolyn is back! Glad to see you up and blogging again. You were missed.

PTL for the great deal God gave you. He is so good!

countrygirl85 said...

PTL!! That is a great deal.


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