Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who do I wish I saw more of?

I'm posting this in response to another blog that I read. The request from the post when something like this:

Choose a prompt, post it on your blog, and come back and sign Mr. Linky!!
The Prompts:

1.) Tell us about a stray animal you took in.
2.) Write a poem for your favorite teacher of all time.
3.) Describe someone in your life you wish you saw more of.
4.) Write a letter to someone who bothered you this week

Obviously I chose #3 and there is no better quote to start it off with than this one. . .

"What strange creatures brothers are!" ~ Jane Austen

Yes, It's my brothers that I wish I saw more of, actually it's my whole family, but the quote was irresistible.

Joey ~ The easy going free spirit. I've always envied how he always seems to land on his feet with very little worrying, unless he just hides it well. We get along better now that we're adults then we did when we were teens, although we're still two very different people.
Sam ~ Super smart college student who loves gaming. Just trying to figure life post HS out, but he'll come along nicely.
Matthew ~ The funny and competitive attention hound. Dude, you're goin' down next time we play Wii Ski jump.
Jack ~ The precocious introspective thinker. I hope you find a creative outlet for your talents.

Like I said I wish I could really see my whole family more often, but the brothers and the quote went together so well I couldn't pass it up. For all of you out there that I don't see often, or haven't seen in a while know that I think of you all and hold special memories of everyone.

Here are some pics are some pics and videos of them:

ARGH, maty!!! Me thinks you'll be walking the plank
(This was taken a couple of summers ago @ Friday Harbor)

Jumping off of rocks at Lime Kiln Park
(I was super excited that they got to see some of the last Killer Whale pods that season)

Joey & Sam on Sam's graduation day

I really like this pic of Sam. It looks like he can conquor the world.

Joey playing the guitar at Christmas

That's Matthew telling some jokes at Christmas. In case you can't understand him (since he's got something in his mouth) I'm transcribing the jokes below.

Joke #1
Q: Why wasn't Cinderella good at soccer?
A: Because her pumpkin was her coach.

Joke #2
Q: Why was Cinderella Kicked off the team?
A: Because she kept running away from the ball.


Anonymous said...

Hello Sister! This is Matthew. I saw the blog. Nice. Hope to see you soon1=) (P.S. Wii Fit Ski jumping!!?? No way.)YOU WILL NEVER WIN!!!


Mama Kat said...

Awww...sounds like you need to schedule some visits!!

Engrafted Lives said...

Not being able to see your family as often as you like is tough. The pics of your family are cute and thanks for writing out the jokes. I had a hard time understanding what your brother was saying, but now it all makes sense. Looks like the Wii Ski Challenge is on!


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