Wednesday, January 28, 2009

#12 on my list, Learn 30 new words (#5)

Truth time . . . I listen to talk radio. We actually have a pretty good talk radio station here in WA KIRO 97.3. I don't agree with everything that the talk show hosts say all the time, but I think they have a fairly decent balance of both sides of an issue. Dori Munson always hits the nail on the head. Plus the afternoon drive time guys Ron & Don are hilarious and sometimes even later at night I can catch TBTL (To Beautiful To Live), which is basically a bunch of random musings by someone who thinks fairly highly of himself, he's also funny but in a more intellectual way and this is where I got my new word.


Pronunciation: ek-'skor-e-ate
Function: Verb
Date: 15th century

1. To tear or wear off the skin of; abrade.
2. To censure strongly; denounce

The way that the word was used was on the radio tonight was the second definition.

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