Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thank you

Here is my post full of "Thank You's" for the gifts that people gave to me this Christmas. It was all wonderful. Somethings I wasn't actuallyable to get a pic of, so I appologize if it's not in a picture.

My pig slippers (always a hit): From Jack

This one takes a little explaining. See I love musicals!!! Growing up Annie was one of my favorites (only this version though, I don't like the new one with Kathy Bates). Anyway, the dress in the background was one of my old Halloween costumes (the mask has obviously bit the dust). I'll tell the story as it's been told to me over the years. This particular costume was worn to a Halloween party when I was about 4 for one of the girls in my pre-school and it was held at a house in, Sea Cliff, a very rich part of San Francisco. Most, if not all, of the other kids at the party were made up to be dressed in rented, ornate, uncomfortable, and lest just face it ridiculous costumes that children will wreck if they are allowed to play at all (which as I understand it they weren't allowed to do). Now then that leaves little ol' me in my plastic dress, cheap suffocating mask, and black patent leather mary janes to run and play and have the best time there (which still has a habit of happening to me, what can I say). Well, one of the things that my Dad gave me was the DVD of Annie accompanied by my plastic dress. I no longer celebrate Halloween, but it's a fun story to tell,especially if you know me already and know what a fun social person I like to be:)

From the Willow Tree collection the "Angel of Caring": From Sam

1,000 Gluten Free Recipes: From Matthew
A chance to die - The Amy Charmichael Story: From Nancy
Boy Meets Girl: From Nancy
America's Cheapest Family: From my Dad

The Muppet Show - Season 1: From my Dad

A pink scarf/head covering: From my Mom

An hour glass necklace filled with diamond dust: From my Mom

It's not Christmas without a new sweater: From my Dad

This is the fabulous red hat that I bought myself in San Francisco:) It's way cute!!!

Gifts not pictured:
From Maggie: I got Love Letters of Great Men and Women
From Sharon: I got two rice bags (which have been really nice to have lately)
From Nicki: I got a serving/decoration tray
From both Kali & Nicki: I got a certificate for an "All expenses paid trip" to help me complete some of the goals on my list. I can't wait to see what they plan.
From Steve & Sherri: I got a gift card to the Trumpeter restaurant in Mt. Vernon (it's all GF)!!!!
From Shannon: I got an ice cream scoop with a pig handle
From my Mom: I also got some snow boots

Thanks everyone for your thoughtfulness. If I forgot anything I appologize. Obviously I was very blessed this year.

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Engrafted Lives said...

I love those pig slippers! I bet all your piggies are staying warm!!


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