Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It arrived

My couch arrived last Saturday, here it is in my apartment. Color on camera never really comes out great, but this is about as close as it could come. It's so comfortable!!! I'm really happy with it.


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi :)

Lovely couch! Looks very comfortable and attractive. The framed photos on the wall look lovely. The table lamp looks beautiful.

On the whole the room looks cozy and charming.

The music accompanying your blog is quite interesting.

Wish you a wonderful day :)

Jackie's World said...

Oh Carolyn! That's so cute! Great coice for your place...the pictures look nice, too, right above it. Was this the first couch for you besides the one from the McGee's g'ma!?! :)It's so you.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to say I LOVE your new couch.


Engrafted Lives said...

I just have to say, that couch is stunning, purple and all! I just came back from having a wonderful dinner at Carolyn's and actually got to see the couch for the first time. It is very soft, very comfortable and the cushions are a nice size, giving you plenty of room for your bottom to sit on, or to take a nap on, whichever you'd prefer. Great purchase Carolyn!


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