Sunday, November 9, 2008

Takin' a moment to brag a little

Math and Science have never really been strong subjects for me (I'm more of an English / Sociology / History nut). However, in order to complete my AA I need to have those 2 subjects completed. My pre recs are 2 Science classes (one with a Lab) and a college level Math class (which I will finally be able to take this Spring thanks to completeing all the pre recs for Statistics. That was a long haul). I tried taking Chemistry a couple summers ago, but the quarter was so short and I was so busy that I ended up not doing very well in the class, so I'm still bound to the schools regulations.

Anyway, I'm taking Biology this quarter and anyone who has had any online classes or Science classes for that matter might be prone to agree with me that the 2 don't go well together. I always have so many questions that it takes me almost 2 days to complete a small portion of my lab assignments and discussion board questions. However, something must be starting to make sense to me because this weekend I just got extra cedit for helping another student out the Math portion of this weeks lab, and a B+ on last weeks fermentation and cellular respiration lab (which wasn't easy since I was also bound to writing my Bible Institute paper during the same week). I'm completely elated!!! Although I will be happy once this chapter of school is over with. I'm doing so, so on the exams, but as long as I can pull a 68 on the last 3 I'm looking pretty good for passing the class, with at least a C. Which I will be content with due to my lack of general knowledge in this area.

Just wanted to share:) Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!!!

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