Tuesday, November 4, 2008

And the bids have been cast

As we head to the polls today and vote for the candidate that we like the best it should be noted that the eBay polls, for our candidates Cabbage Patch kids, have already closed; and the winner is. . .

Sarah Palin @ $19,000

I'm speechless at the cost of this doll. I mean I could use that to continue my college education. Maybe I should put myself on eBay and see who wants to bid on paying for my college education! Don't get me wrong, the money did go to a good cause (Toy's for Tots). I just think that my education would be a better one;)

The rest of the dolls rankings are as follows. . .

#2 Barrack Obama @ $8,400
#3 John McCain @ $6,000
#4 Joe Biden @ $3,550.01

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