Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Even more to brag about

WOW, WoW, Wow, wow!!!! Have I said wow enough?
One more time, WOW!

No one will ever believe me anymore about science not being my forte. I just checked my grades to see the results from last weeks lab assignment and I got 19 out of 20 points. Seriously people I barely understand this stuff. Reading my science book is like reading a different language, trying to decipher how it all works. Between cellular division, the phases (inter, pro, meta, ana, and telo), diploid and haploid cells, and the formation of DNA and how the crossing over process works, it's enough to make a person go batty. The more I study this subject though, the more I realize that we truly are "fearfully and wonderfully made", Psalm 139:14. The fact that God created all of that and knew how to do it without an instruction manual is just mind blowing!

Anyway, I'm pretty stoked right now. I got a full nights sleep (after only getting 3 hours of sleep the prior evening, that's a long story that I'll share later) and I got an A on my Mitosis and Meiosis lab:) I'm really speechless. Trust me though, the quarter is not over with yet and though I'm set up pretty well at this point to pass the class I won't rest easily until I take my last 2 exams. Then I'll let out a big sigh of relief. Until then I'll still brag whenever I get a grade like this.


Cove Girl said...

Congrats! See studying does pay off even if you don't think you know it, something sticks.

On another note, it's a good thing that God didn't need the instruction manual, you know that men never look at those anyway. lol

Love you girl, and keep up the good work.

Jersey Mama said...

Congrats! What a great feeling that must be. :)


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