Thursday, October 23, 2008


I was pretty slow to jump on the eBay band wagon. For a while it seemed to me just to be a hassle with Paypal, I've known people that have gotten their identity stolen. However, once I found some really good deals for items that I wanted that was it. Of course you always have to adapt the buyer beware philosophy and you have to go in knowing that you may not get that item that you wanted, if you're out bid, but over all I think it's a decent place to shop. eBay and Paypal have also improved their security measures from the early years.

Why did I say all that? Well, because now that I've bought a few things I'm starting to get into the selling aspect of it. I had never planned to sell my stuff on eBay, but I've decided that what I earn from eBay will go towards paying off my CC. Naturally there are some small charges that come along with posting items, depending on what you want to sell, how many items you have in your store, and how you want to sell it, but those charges far outweigh what can be made from what you choose to sell.

I don't have a whole lot up right now, mostly books, but last night I sold my set of Jillian Michaels workout DVD's ($15) and my Leslie Sansone walking DVD with resistance bands and weights ($11.17). So it might only be $26, but that's $26 less that I owe too. If it ends up being a debacle then I'll quit, but right now I'm pretty happy about it.

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Jackie's World said...

The only thing I hate about e-bay is that I can bid all day and not be guarenteed the product. urg! I have thought about selling some things on there, though. Think twice before just handing "practically new" stuff over to the thrift stores...they may be worth something.


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