Tuesday, October 14, 2008

#14 on my list, Meet 30 new people (#8 & 9)

This month at church we are having out Missions conference. Our theme is Looking Beyond Ourselves to the Evangelizing of the World. It's been a really good month so far and we have 2 more weekends left to go. It's also nice to have a whole month to concentrated our hearts to the needs of mission works around the world, rather then having them squished into one week. This past weekend I got to have the Smiths (Charlie and JoAnn are missionaries to Argentina that we support) over for lunch. It was nice meeting them and getting to hear the burden that the Lord has placed on them for the field that he's sent them to. Bro. Smith reminded me very much of Pastor Prisk. I enjoyed getting to know them.


meleah said...

I remember the first time I met them. I was about 12 or so. Very nice people.

Jackie's World said...

Yeah I remember them, too. He preached Chapel at school one time. Glad they're doing well.


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