Friday, September 12, 2008


I usually stay out of this arena, in general, as a topic of conversation. Not really because I'm affraid of offending anyone (my conversations with my step mom do tend to get interesting). It's mostly due to the fact that I just don't have any time to keep up with the issues actively. I know where I stand on certain things, and so I try to get as close to that with a candidate as I can (even if they're not generally part of "my team"). That being said the campaign ads in the hotly contested states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida will probably be seeing ads like the one that I'm posting up here. I post it so that those that don't live in those states can still get a better view of what our candidates stand for. I'm pretty sure it's not an actual campaign ad, just something that a friend, of a friend, of a friend wanted to create for they're own personal say and post it on You Tube. It's very powerful and you have to watch it the whole time in order to get it's full effect.


Anonymous said...

Wow....that was a really touching video! good find!

Anonymous said...

We could probably have some 'interesting' discussions about this particular election! Just kidding. Actually, I called Matthew and Jack over to watch the video.

By the way (not to go too far off onto a tangent), Matthew and I were discussing traditions. "Every Christmas," he said "we watch 'A Christmas Story and THIS Christmas we'll be watching it with Carolyn." Both boys are pretty happy that you're coming.


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