Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Miss Fix It

The Scene Of the Crime

So since I lack a "man around the house" I'm force to play the role of Miss Fix It whenever things get broken, or go bad around my apartment, and this past Sunday was no exception.

I invited my Pastor and his wife, Shannon, over for dinner and before we sat down to eat she had to use the restroom. However, after she was done the toilet kept running, it was very irritating and I waited until Pastor had gone to jail to invetisgate what was going on. After I lefted up the lid to the back of the toilet I couldn't tell what was wrong, so I had to put on some gloves and reach into the grimey water. UGH, it was so gross! But after I got the water to go down I could see that the chain was brokenand I had to find another ling in the flusher to attatchthe chain to.

Talk about embarassing, that is definitely in my top 10 things of what I don't want to happen when I have guests over for a meal. Oh well, at least I can fix things if I have to, and I was done eating so all I had to do was wash my hands before returning to entertain my guest.

Points so far:
Carolyn ~ 1
Toilet ~ 0

1 comment:

Kali said...

Way to go, Carolyn! You show that toilet who's boss!!! LOL


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