Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shoes Glorious Shoes

OK, I'll admit, much to my "teams" shagrin, that I'm not one of those girls that has a fettish for footwear, I'm more of a jacket girl, but when you can find shoes like this on eBay then I really do become a fan of shoes.

Seriously, how cute are they!!!

You'll die when I tell you what I got these shoes for. Normally this pair of Karen Scott pumps will for retail $50. I got them for $2.64!!! So because I got them for so cheap I decided to splurge on the shipping so they could get to me in a couple days rather than a week, which they would be normally. Even with the extra money I spent, $15.94, I still come in under $20. AWESOME!!!

I hope I get them in time for my trip to St. Louis!

(Jewels let me know what you think, since I know that you do enjoy a sensational shoe)


Kali said...

Wow! You've really been finding deals on e-bay! Those are cute! Can't wait to see them.

Island Girl said...

Are these the shoes you were talking about?


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