Monday, July 2, 2012

July days...Photos of my life this month

Boy oh boy life gets busy. Friends have returned “home”, school is back in full swing, ministries need my attention etc. A girl can’t do it all. However, I also haven’t been inspired to write. I mean I have plenty of ideas to share, but my thoughts have been so jarred and random that I haven’t fully wanted to commit to writing anything substantial. So instead I’ve decided to do a photo a day in July.

Yeah, I should have started yesterday, but that was self-portrait day & I’m just not good at those. I like taking photos with other people in them. So maybe I’ll make up for that one later, or not…it’s my challenge anyway.

However, today was busy day so here is a pic of my desk at work. I was working on writing up a vessel to keep track of in our database.

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