Friday, April 13, 2012

Dream & Dream BIG!!!

Did you ever have a lemonade stand as a kid? I did. I never really wanted to try & make anything really great out of it, but it was fun to sell it to people passing by. Did you ever have a goal or a dream that people didn't understand? I still have them to this day. The key is to have people around you that support you, they don't have to "get it" but the support makes such a difference in the way we perceive what is possible in our lives. I heard about this short little video on the radio the other day. And each time I watch it it warms my heart (note here if you don't want to well up with happy tears...don't watch it). It gave me the same feeling of joy that I experienced in the knowing that my friends helped me fulfill my dream of skydiving. I still love you guys!!! You know who you are:) 

The protagonist, Caine, in this video has but a simple goal in his 10 year old life, to have his own arcade. Some may think that it is too lofty a goal...impossible even for a 10 year old to accomplish such a feat. But, by whose standards? What do you think of when you think of an arcade? Games of course. I think about all the arcades that I went to growing up the games that dispense ticket for prizes, the cacophonous noise of the game alarms going off, kids whooping and hollering at their wins and losses, these noise that over whelm a persons sense of hearing. Maybe there is food involved like pizza...ahhh Chucky Cheese...but I digress. These are the general assumptions that we make when judging an adequate arcade. But what about ingenuity? What about a child's creativity and inability to accept "defeat"? These skills in most children today are not cultivated or endorsed, which makes me sad. However, Caine has it in spades. I hope that you take the 10 minutes to watch this short video and that it inspires you to see what can happen when a person has a dream that is bigger than they are.

Here is also a link to the website that has been designed around Caine's Arcade. If you are so inclined to continue on and see what else has transpired for him. All it takes is a little time and kindness and you too can help someone's dreams come true.

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Primetime Babyboomers said...

That was a great video! What a grand way to make that kids day!


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