Wednesday, March 14, 2012

From Frumps to Pumps

I totally need to get an eReader! It would make reading these eBooks I come across so much easier. I found this link on this new one and the title caught my eye. Now I have to keep in mind that the Lord is more concerned about modesty in my life and living that well for him. But anyone who knows me knows that I like my denim skirts...maybe a little to much. Being honest with myself I know this needs to change. I look OK and I'm not wanting to bring undo attention to myself, I just know that I need to take better care of this shell that the Lord blessed me with. I could go through a list of reasons as to why I prefer denim to anything else in my closet, but the bottom line is that it wouldn't hurt anything if I tried a little harder. So this book, Frumps to Pumps, really interests me. I hope that it may motivate you as well (the cover is super cute). Below is a video of the authors own comments about her book.

In Sarah Mae's own words

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