Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another AMAZING find!

Twice in one week!!! It's almost to good to be true, and this is when I LOVE to go thrifting. Not to just buy used stuff, unless it can be re-purposed, but to find those really great deals!  When I lived in CA there was a lot to be found, but not so often anymore now that I live in a smaller community. So here's the story...

Once upon a time, i.e.yesterday, I had the opportunity to got to the thrift store again. At a time when I would normally be at work, I was unable to be due to a favor that I was doing for a friend. The appointment was at such a time that by the time it was over driving back to work would have put me back there in time to leave again and so with operating on my paid time off, the rest of the afternoon was mine so I decided to go to the thrift store again while I was killing time waiting for church to start.

With my new renewed desire to get back into a physically fit shape I noticed the other day that I need new workout shoes. Anyone that works out knows that these can get kinda pricey depending on what you want them for. So I decided to wait another couple weeks until payday.

I was walking around the store, not really finding anything. That is until my eyes landed on these....

Brand spankin' new Asics running shoes, in my size and only....$15!!! Seriously there was nothing wrong with these shoes. And when I tried them on after getting home, they fit like a glove. I wore them around today to break them in and they were super comfy too. wanna know what they retail for??? I know you do. These were last seasons running shoe so at the beginning they were $85, now they are on salr & running about $60! That's a savings of $45-70 :) It's fabulous. Now...about that running...

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