Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm Still Alive

WOW it's been a long time since I've written anything. A lot has happened, but being tired like I am tonight what I have to share is not very clever, just an update on the things going on for me right now.

I am now officially moved into my new place, and slowly unpacking, not because I like having all my stuff in boxes, because I really hate that. But more because I'm trying to figure out where everything should go. Last week I discovered that the shelves that were left behind for the "pantry" were only cut large enough for them to fit in between the opposing walls, not the actual brackets that they should go between. Argh, it was very agravating. So I went down to Home Depot to see what I could work out. Normally the HD in my town is sub par when it comes to customer service. However, I came accross a helpful guy that was able to have some particle boards cur down for me and they've worker perfectly! I still need to find a way to make room for all the various GF flours I have though. For some reason sticking them on the shelf next to the bathroom just doesn't seem kosher. Other than that things seem to be coming together. I have another couple refurb projects that I'm going to get started as well, but I'll post on those on my other blog.

Riley is trying to get used his new home and we've come up against some issues, but I'm hoping that he starts to get over those as he starts to get more comfortable in his new home. Right now I think I'm more of an food resource for him than anything else, but he loves his walks in the afternoon and his squeeking Kong toy, oh and peanut butter. It's hilarious to watch him lick his chops when he gets going.

Well I hope that can suffice for now. More to come when I can think clearly.

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