Thursday, March 17, 2011

Have I lost my voice?

I pose this question as I've not really found writing at this particular time very engaging lately. I know I have plenty of stories to tell, but when my fingers touch the keys nothing comes of it. Have I lost my voice? I guess I have for now, but since I'm writing here is terribly unclever update as to the goings on in my life.

My days lately since I've moved in have been spent either with my dog or working. Since T's salvation she and I have started working on discipleship studies as well. Which even though we've had to reschedule most of them have been going along fine and lately it seems as though the messages that are preached piggy back our lessons very well. I've been asked to perform a monologue for our Easter cantata. I'll be the woman at the well. I also have a singing solo as well. I'm more memorized up with the song right now then the actual monolgue though. Riley and I have started obedience classes. He's doing OK but refuses to perform the "lay down" command. Except for right now as he's passed out next to me on the couch. TOmorrow he goes to get his claws clipped since he won't let me do it. And tonight he discovered the joy of rifling through the garbage can. I found him with 2 corn cobs early this evening. Greedy little bugger, but he's a fun companion to have right now.

I think that seems to be about it for now. Maybe I can get past this writers block sometime soon and give a better update on Riley and his personality. Because let me just tell you he totally has one, cheeky fellow that he is. Anyway, TTFN.

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