Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year & a New Faith

No that title doesn't mean that I've found something new to put my faith in. My faith is firmly planted in Jesus Christ. However, it does not mean that the Lord cannot renew my faith as I've entered this new year.

Never satisfied in staying in one place, I always seek new growing opportunities today I received a fabulous one, for the Lord allowed me to show His saving grace to "T" and she chose to receive Christ as her saviour.

A new faith for a new year. What a fabulous start!


Alyssa H. said...

Praise the Lord! That made for a very exciting morning. :-) What a GREAT way to start out the new year!!!

Jackie's World said...

Wow - Praise the Lord!! That's awesome Carolyn...I'm so glad you got to witness that. It really does renew and sweeten your own relationship with the Lord. Happy discipling ;o)

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Definitely a great way to start the year:)



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