Friday, January 14, 2011

New Diggs

So as I mentioned in my last post I've found a new place to call home. And below are just a few pics. It's small, a whopping 500ft2. It's the smallest space that I've lived in since being out of the Navy, and usually that space was shared with another person. But this one will be all mine.

It's also a period that I'm using to get rid of my STUFF (I'm gonna come up with a mnemonic device for that word...standby). But if I can't use it, I gotta loose it. And then there's this one that I like, because it's a play on Johnny Cochran's closing argument from the OJ trial..."If it doesn't fit, it's got to git". HAHAHA

At first the thought of it freaked me out a little, but now that I've accepted it I'm looking forward to the challenge and have plans for it, but more on that later. Pros for the new place...1) A yard, because it's a duplex, 2) I have the opportunity to get a DOG!!!, 3) Pergo flooring, so no creepy formerly used rug to deal with, 3) A smaller space to clean, 4) Washer & Dryer hook-ups and 5) Close to work again (this time I may even walk since I won't have any hills to climb). Now trust me the pics make it look bigger than it is, but here are a few below for your voyeur pleasure.

My Yard

Small Living Room

Tiny Kitchen

Micro Closet
(no really it's only as big as it looks,
behind those doors there is no extra storage space)

Well anyway, all this change has inspired me to start a new blog. Now normally I'm not all into the whole "working multiple blogs angle" of blogging, but this new endeavor has me thinking that of the specific niche that this lifestyle offers and what kind of creative adventure there are to be had from it (who knows I may even write a whole post on the challenge that the closet offers). I don't have anything posted yet, but if small space living and my adventure of using space creatively sounds like an interesting topic to you cruise on over to A Cozy Place and become one of my first followers and then you can join in the adventure from the beginning.

I'm still keeping this blog going though for all my random thoughts and experience in this life I enjoy, Just As I Am.


Kali said...

I think it's cute! Can't wait to see it in person!

Your kitchen looks bigger than your previous Cpvl it?

Are you allowed to paint?! When do you move it? So many questions...hehe

I'm off to go 'follow' A Cozy Place!

Cove Girl said...

The pics are deceptive, the kitchen looks like it could be bigger, but only because it's an open space. I also have to eventually fit a dining room table in there and that will take away the space that you now see.

The walls are actually a similar color to the place where I'm at now and I like the color so I don't plan on changing that. But I'm sure if I wanted to she'd let me.

I'll be moving sometime in Feb. I already have my key, I just need to pack. She's also cutting me a break and giving me $200 off Febs rent due to the fact that I'm paying 2 rents in that month. SWEET!

Jackie's World said...

Yay! Congratulations! It's cute...a dog would be a wonderful thing ;o)

Jersey Mama said...

A yard! No downstairs or upstairs neighbors! No STAIRS!

I'm sure you can work out the storage issues. Little closet space is a problem but Ikea has lots of great stuff!


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