Friday, January 21, 2011

Hook Ups

One of the benefits of my new abode is the fact that it has washer & dryer hook-ups. If you're the average renter you know how rare this benefit can be. I have a washer & dryer in my current appartment and it has been such a treat over the past year. I was devastated at the prospect of giving that up. And I never really thought that I'd be able to find another place with that benefit that I could afford, at least not without huge sacrifices in other areas of my everyday life, except that when I saw my new place and that it did have the W&D hook-ups I was pleased, but it would be a while before I could afford a set (even a used one) right?

I'm happy to give a resounding NO to that question.

Some time ago, in the throws of my bereavement in having to look for a new place, I was sharing my angst with Sarah, a friend & co-worker, and she asked me if I had any "absolutes" only list of desires on places to look at. Now her question was completely reasonable, and asked in a genuine way because she just wanted to try and help me look at the good possibilities, rather than the horrid dilemma of what awaited me in apartment hunting. However, I have long given up holding out for "absolutes" within the prospect of anything regarding something that isn't mine, which includes renting a property. It's a reality that I came to accept a long time ago when I first started living in apartments. Unless the property is your own you really can't hold out for much demanding, and in depending on where you live even hoping, for a whole lot. That may sound sad to some of you, but being the pragmatic person that I am it just seems best to find the best that you can for what you can afford and make the best out of it. Setting "absolute" standards on that account just don't work well and only serve to be a disappointment when you think about what you would rather have, instead of what God has blessed you with, Philippians 4:11 - Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am therewith to be content. Now one day if I'm able to settle down into a home purchase, there will be things that I would like to have (2 words: IKEA kitchen), but until that day comes I believe my outlook is the sanest one for me at this point.

But I did indulge in a private thought or two of things that would be nice: possibly a pet and possibly a W&D were on there, but I dared not linger to long there.

Well, if you read my last post you already know that I am able to get a pet & there were W&D hook-ups, but now to get a washer & dryer. How long that would take only time would tell depending on cost and what was available on Craigslist. Well today I got to find out how long that wait would be.

A few weeks ago Sarah told me that she was using her W&D set as a bonus for people to come & look at the apartment that she no longer was renting, but that if they didn't need it then she wanted me to have it, free! Well last night she got the call that her old apt had been rented. And since they weren't needing the W&D she told me today that I could have it. a 500ft2 space that W&D is gonna be in close quarters, however I HATE washing my clothes at the laundry mat; and while I know that friends would probably let me use theirs, but they need to wash clothes too and I always feel like I'm imposing, unless it's at my friend Kali's. What I'm sayin' is that it's just nice to have hook-ups in life, with friends and appliances. A humble thank you goes to the Lord for paying attention to the "little things", and a special thanks to Sarah for her generosity.

And for any of you that may be interested here is my dream IKEA kitchen: brushed nickle appliances, white cabinetry, a sky blue paint job, and black marble couter tops that SPARKLE!!! Literally, they really do.


Meleah said...

Love the IKEA dream:) We were just talking about how we got our coffee table at IKEA and that we should see if we can stop at one on the way to Georgia for a really cheap meal:) The kids were like, "what is IKEA?" So funny that you just talked about it:))). So happy for you getting a free washer and dryer too!!! God is so good:). We were discussing things that it we could really use out here. Top of our list is a tractor, then a truck. Life in the prairies with lots of snow has been challenging, but this year the Lord has been looking out for us quite well. We were told the R.M. won't be clearing yards much longer, due to it taking too much time. Nice to have the advance notice. Plenty of time to pray.

Cove Girl said...

yeah it's nice that you have advanced notice. funny about the IKEA thing! LOL. Actually I had never been until Kim Dolan took me last month after picking me up from the airport and since then I just can'se seem to get enough of that place. Their cafeteria is really good too! Have fun:)

Jersey Mama said...

yay yay yay for W/D hookup and praise the Lord for a free set! God provided W/D for us in our house and it is sooooo wonderful.

We love Ikea too and were just there last weekend! My dream kitchen also has Ikea cabinets. :)

Julie Fink said...

Your new place is adorable! Hope it becomes the "haven of rest and refreshment" that you need ♥.

Cove Girl said...

Thanks Julie. I hope that's what it turns out to be as well. I really don't want to move again untilthe Lord brings me my husband. Just my thoughts though, who knows what the Lord has in store for this servant.


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