Saturday, January 8, 2011

Girls Night Out

In the past 3 yeafs that I've had this blog one thing I don't think that I've divulged about myself is that I TOTALLY enjoy going to the theatre. I love the whole thing about it. Dressing up. Going to dinner, and then hopefully enjoying a good performance. If I lived in Seattle, or any big city for that matter, I would probably be a season ticket holder.

Last month the SPG's went to go see Handles Messiah again! I wasn't feeling so hot that night, but it was still enjoyable and Messiah is now one of my favorite pieces of music.

Last night was a much over due girls night out. A celebration for Alyssa's Birthday. We had dinner at Bennihana's first and then we went to Bennaroya Hall to go see Lang Lang (pronounced Long Long). I had honestly never heard of him or seen him before, but I was not dissapointed! He was a great showman and his passion for playing the piano translated throught his whole body. My favorite piece that he played was from Iberia the final movement. The note that he ended on and the way that he played it was poetry and very moving.

I took a chance and scored some photos during the evening too.

The Piano

Taking a bow

After a rousing encore!

Here is the piece that I enjoyed. Look at his enjoyment and how his fingers seem to dance along the keys!

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Kali said...

Haha... From the looks of photo #2, you weren't the only one sneaking some pictures!


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