Thursday, May 13, 2010

Flowers & Teapots

It took me a little bit to load these photos to my hard drive, procrastination:/ But these were the flowers that Sherri gave to Sandi and I for our Birthday.

Aren't the lovely?

And this was the teapot that I received from last months Secret Prayer Sister. I really enjoy tea! Nothing in it thank you. I'll take it straight up. Diana was a great SPS to have, I totally had it wrong all month. Normally I don't like to guess, but I was sure that it was someone else. She said a little birdy told her that I liked tea and so with it I received some sleepytime tea and other various herbal blends.

I've never had a teapot like this before. So it will be a nice and refreshing treat to use whenever I want a spot of tea. Thanks Diana:)


Jackie's World said...

Beautiful tea pot! Diane is the best gift-giver :o) Did she get it from Day Spring?

Cove Girl said...

I didn't think to ask, but when I checked their website the teapot did show up there so I'm thinking she did. They have a lot of really nice ones too. I like the verse that was on the teapot, very appropriate.

Vicki said...

I love the tea pot, so pretty. We will have to do tea sometime soon!

Cove Girl said...

That would be nice:)


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