Monday, March 15, 2010

Just As I Am. . .A new endeavor

I had considered starting a new blog to discuss my new endeavor, but it just didn't feel right. Why? because I probably wouldn't have let anyone know about it and instead just let people stumble upon it as they would in their blog/web surfing. It would also be a point of digression for me. See when I started this blog I was tentative about letting people into my actual thoughts and actions, but that changed when I started my list (30 x 30). And by starting something new it just seemed more like I'd be going back to that place I was before. But with the support that I received with my list this too I know I'll be supported with by my friends.

Let me begin at the beginning, like many other people these days I'm paying off my debt:( I got myself into it and I'm working my way out, one dollar at a time (see above graph). Let me also give a disclaimer lest a blog surfer stumble upon my prose and think less of my character. . .I'm in NO way making this blog about asking for money! So you will not see any ad sense ads on here, begging you to click so I can make a dime off of the time that a reader may spend here. This new blogging endeavor is about the lessons I learn as I regain my financial freedom.

However, lest I forget Him whose hand has formed me, it's not just about my desires. I became very convicted after I read Psalm 37:21 in my devotions a few weeks ago...

Psalm 37:21 ~ The wicked borroweth, and payeth not again: but the righteous sheweth mercy, and giveth.

Ummm. . .need I really say anymore? And what I realized while reading this was that the Lord puts debt on the same level as all other wickedness and in case you're wondering the word wicked means: Evil in principle or practice; deviating from the divine law; addicted to vice; sinful; immoral. This is a word of comprehensive signification, extending to every thing that is contrary to the moral law, and both to persons and actions. We say, a wicked man, a wicked deed, wicked ways, wicked lives, a wicked heart, wicked designs, wicked works (Webster's 1828 dictionary).

Ouch! My toes still hurt.

There are "necessary" forms of debt that people almost can't get around these days, primarily I'm thinking about a mortgage. But that doesn't mean that you live at the level of debt and just keep piling it on and not paying it back, how do you think the US got into this recession in the first place? And while I have been making payments (WAY more than the minimum) on my card, I also know that I can do better and so I will! So here are the goals:

1. I've already completed (pay off my laptop) which as you can see from the copy of my Dell statement below, I'm even Steven with Dell

2. Pay off my Stafford Loan. Which will be within the next 2 months.
3. Pay off my card will be within the next 2 years. Although my exact calculations take me to a lower number, that time frame seems to give me a little bit of a buffer.
4. Because my bills will soon be reduced a little, that extra $ will go into savings.

The key I know is going to be finding that place of contentment as I strive towards these goals. I see meager times ahead of me, and in all honesty when times get like that I like to bury my head in the sand and pretend that I can afford the things that I want. Argh, honesty hurts! Doesn't it?

I have a friend that works for my bank and I've asked her to help me out by keeping me accountable. I know I'm going to need her so I was happy when she accepted my request. It's not like I plan on showing her every bill that crosses the path of my mailbox, or that she'll access my bank account without my knowledge, but it's more to the affect of having her help me to NOT justify a purchase I know that I can't afford. If I didn't think that I could trust her, and that our friendship could handle it I wouldn't even consider the request and I know she wouldn't have said yes, because our friendship is to important to let pettiness and pride affect it.

I'm hoping that through this new subject that I'll learn some valuable lessons and that by chronicling this experience it will give me a look back on the blessings and the trials that God brings my way out of it, much like the journey that my list took me on, which was an exciting ride itself. It will also give me a new subject to blog about, which I have not had since completing my list last year. You're welcome to leave your comments on my posts, experiences that you've had, advice, and lessons you've learned too. But as with all my posts I have the discretion to not post them if I find them offensive in any way shape or form. Please leave that garbage outside of my sphere.


Island Girl said...

Great goal! All the sacrifices you make to achieve it may be hard, but it will be very rewarding in the end!

Lori said...

Good for you! My husband and I have been there and know what it is like to watch that debt disappear and wonder if it would ever happen.

I don't push Dave Ramsey, but I like his saying, "If you'll live like no one else, later you can live like no one else."

I was not taught that debt was a sin, nor was I taught not to have credit cards. If I could redo the last 18 years, I would definitely not have collected my debt.

Praise the Lord we no longer have any debt and can teach our son to make wise decisions.

I commend you on this and pray that everything will work out.

Cove Girl said...

Thanks Lori,
Debt wasn't something that I was taught growing up, I learned basically by watching both the positive and negative experiences of my parents but know it's learning through my own experiences.

I like some of what Dave Ramsey says, but compared to God's own council....I think I'll take the latter. He says some good stuff, but I feel it's mostly for the people who don't want to listen to what God has to say and would rather listen to man's opinion to begin with.

I don't think that credit cards are bad per say, you almost can't operate in the world anymore without one, it's just that what people tend to abuse them and use them as a way of life. I only have 1 PTL, but I can't image what people do with more. That would probably be enough for me want to pull the covers up over my head and never move again:(

Thanks for the prayers. I'll be updating my progress with words and the ticker at the top of my page. T/C

Cove Girl said...

Feel free to point stuff out to me as well. Our shopping trips will be different for a while, more browsing on my part, but you're right in the end it will feel a lot better:)

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

Good job on having a plan! My husband and I still have student loans to finish paying off, but when we got rid of all our other debt, it was just--whew, such a relief.

Cove Girl said...

I'm looking forward to that day! And no I won't celebrate by going on a shopping spree;) LOL. My step-mom introduced me to, Aprovechar a while ago, so I'm looking forward to the 60 in 60 blog also. I love food blogs!

The Mold-ee :) said...

My husband & I are starting a similar endeavor, so my heart goes out to you. I'll pray for you that God will see you through, and that soon you will be rejoicing in victory! (Btw, I have info on a gluten-free cookbook through Keepers At Home [magazine], if you're interested...Just let me know!)


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