Monday, March 8, 2010

Apartment Pics

Here are some pics of the new place, sans furniture. I'm still waiting for help moving the big stuff but slowly my things are making it over there, with Sandi's help. I'll post more once I'm settled.

Living room...the walls are actually a very nice neutral brown

Yay!!! I can do my laundry w/o leaving home!

As you can see there is plenty of counter space

A mirror over the sink. . .
so that I can still be a part of the conversation when I'm busy

View from the living room


Jersey Mama said...

The living room looks really big and the kitchen is HUGE -- you have about four times the amount of counter space I do. And you have a dishwasher! Love the mirror over the sink -- I guess if you can't look out a window while you wash dishes you might as well be able to look behind you, haha. And you even have a decent view out your nice big living room window. AND to be able to do laundry right in your apartment ... heavenly. :) Looks like a wonderful place, congratulations!

Cove Girl said...

Thanks Rach:) The living room is pretty big, but it is also shared space with the dining room so it eats up a bit of space that way. But yeah, the counter space is amazing, definitely a positive change from where I am right now. I know very well what it's like to try and cook & bake simultaneously with no room to do it in. It's enough to make you want to go for Chinese takeout;)! The window also provides us some natural sun light (when there is sun) and that's nice because right now my window faces the woods. And don't even get me started on the joy I feel on not having to do my laundry at the laundry mat, or the Waldron's any more. It's a huge blessing!

It's slowly becoming "home", but I won't feel like it really is until I get my furniture over there and then I can really unpack.

Alyssa H. said...

It looks so nice! I can't wait to come see it once you guys are all moved in. I tell ya, 2010 is the year for moving! :-) Congrats!

Cove Girl said...

Thanks! It will be nice once it's set up:) Once we're set up we'll definitely have ya'll over. YAY, girls night!!! SPG gathering!!! Revolving door;)?!?!?! LOL. Seriously though, it will be nice to be close to my friends in town. I plan on doing a lot more walking too. To bad that Shannon no longer lives down the street from where we're at:(


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