Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Marathon Email

I just completed the longest email exchange ever, or at least as far as my emailing life is concerned.

11 emails back and forth with WSU trying to explain to them that I never attended Montgomery College and that my CJ110 class was from the University of Maryland. I have no idea how Montgomery college slipped in there, or how they were associated with each other, but suffice it to say that it was frustrating to deal with. I don't even need that class to help my GPA or to prove that I'm considered in the status of a Junior in college, nor did SVC ever say anything to me about it. Never the less yesterday Kerri said they they were going to need it. Now I ask you, how am I supposed to get a transcript for a school that I didn't even attend?

Soon after that email she noticed, and read, an addendum at the bottom of the UMUC overseas transcript to which the Admin department yielded to, 11 emails later. Sigh, I'm glad it's resolved. So kind of Kerri to care about my conundrum:) Now I just need to get my FAFSA paperwork together and get the $ fronted for tuition. I hope I qualify for the discount in tuition, being a veteran and all.


Anonymous said...

Glad yhat it worked out!

countrygirl85 said...

Man they really want you to prove "how bad you want it". At least everything is being worked out.


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