Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Budget Friendly Christmas Ideas

Can you believe how fast this year has gone! I surely can't, and with just a little over 4 months away from Christmas it's time to start planning, at least it it for me. Back when I lived in Maryland I found much joy in spreading the purchases of my Christmas presents out over a period of time and have since tried to continue implementing that practice into my life. Why? Because I hate feeling rushed and burdened with having to go to the mall when it's a mad house during November and December. Having worked in a mall during the Christmas season I've since tried to avoid it at all costs. Sometimes this practice hasn't worked, but mostly that's due to my lack of foresight with the impending holiday, but when it has it's made the month of December much more enjoyable for me. Plus, as an added bonus, when those last minute parties and gifts come up, because you know that they always do, buying that unexpected gift, or food to prepare, doesn't end up breaking the budget that you've so dutifully established for yourself.

Last year, unfortunately it was a bit late, I posted a blog with some ideas that I had come across online, click here to take a look. The reason I'm posting it again this early is because I was inspired when I started looking up other budget friendly ideas today. This one is probably the best, especially if you have children, or are a Sunday School teacher, or have some fun friends that you want to share memories with, or. . .well this present idea is just perfect for all people, small and big kids alike.

How about making your own coloring book from the photos that are stored on your computer and that are taking up more hard drive space than necessary (I'm guilty as charged). Seriously, it may take an afternoon or two, but what a great idea to share memories with others. So here's the
how to . . .

Go to this website and let the computer guru work you through the Photoshop magic.

Don't have Photoshop? No worries. Go to and get their program for free. The titling of the categories is slightly different, but with just a few extra steps and a little perusal of the categories you can work the same magic from Photoshop, but without the hefty price tag.

It's also easy to make a story out of it, by simply adding some text to the page. This can turn out a bit light depending on how dark you've had your layer turn out, but it could still work if that's what you want.

You can bet that I'll be using this more when I have something to color for my Sunday school class. I hate having to sift through mediocre coloring pages that only halfway capture the concept of the story that I'm trying to teach.

I'm really such a big kid at heart and love to color. It's very relaxing and creative w/o being expensive. I'll be posting more as I find them and as we get closer to the date, I just had to share this one now, but hope that you all have a budget friendly, blessed, and Happy Christmas holiday set before you.


Island Girl said...

I'm beginning to ponder ideas for Christmas as well. :)

Engrafted Lives said...

Bah hum bug! J/K...great idea Carolyn and something I should implement.


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