Friday, July 10, 2009

Free Music

There is such a want for good music that doesn't offend ones ear drums these days. When I say good, in reference to music what I really mean is music that glorifies God and edifies the spirit. Recently two free offers for such music have come my way. The end goal of these artists is to introduce their music to an audience, gain new listeners, without the pressure of purchasing one of them and then not liking it. Trust me though, you wont be

Portraits of Hope ~ This first one is by Greg Howlett that I received yesterday. His piano arrangements for these hymns is probably one of my favorites that I've ever had. Right now I'm stuck on "My Faith Looks Up to Thee". The violin accompaniment is just beautiful (I love string instruments). But his rendition of "Heaven Came Down" is wonderful as well. Very upbeat and joyful!

Hymns is the second offer, that I received today. It is by the Daybreak quartet, whom I have the pleasure of knowing personally. This album is dedicated to Pastor Gary Prisk who was taken home to glory just 3 years ago (it's hard to believe that it was that long ago). On it are some of his favorites. Here are the words of his son Nathan Prisk describing the album:

"I am excited about this CD. It is a tribute to Dr. Gary Prisk. Jason and I could not have asked for a better father and I have never come across a spiritual example whom I would want to emulate more. He started and pastored a church in Oak Harbor, Washington for 32 years before his Homegoing in 2006. He loved the Hymns for their message and timeless themes. It was a rare occasion when he would sing in public (our musical talent, if we have any, came from our mom), but I'm sure he's now singing all the time."

I'm sure that he's singing too Nathan! If you're not familiar with the music of the Daybreak Quartet, they are Southern Gospel, which may not be for everyone, but I enjoy them. The irony for me lies in the fact that I actually bought the CD when I first found out about it, before it was free. Oh well, it was worth it because today I received it in the mail and it was signed. I also get the pleasure of reading the liner notes and dedication to Pastor Prisk. It made me nostalgic for the comfort that his leadership and council brought to my life, as well as the friendship that I got to make with Meleah (but that I get to keep always).

My favorite song on the CD right now is "Constantly Abiding". The guys all break up into their appropriate parts and as the liner notes say it was Pastors favorite. However, what is also great about getting to read the cover is you get to find out who is playing the accompanyment on the CD. Wanna take a stab at guessing who plays the piano for Constantly Abiding? If you guessed Greg Howlett, then you win (but that's all you win).

I'm also linking their websites as well so that you can see the other music these artists offer...
The Daybreak Quartet
Gregg Howlwett

Anyway, I hope that you are all able to take advantage of these offers as they are only available for a limited time (Daybreak only lasts through July 24 and I'm not sure when Greg Howlett's offer ends). Ahhh, good music that soothes the aching eardrums.

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