Saturday, June 6, 2009

If at first you don't succeed shop, shop again

For quite a long tme now I've been looking for a basic black dress that I can dress up, or down. It's really difficult sometimes trying to find clothes that are modest. For they are either modest in length, but the neckline is to low. Or the neck line is fine, and the dress is to short. Then there are sometimes that you are able to find a dress that you can make modest by simply putting a camisole underneath. This was what I was able to find this afternoon on a shopping trip with Kali and Nicki.

This is another summer full of wedding planning. Amber and Dave are getting married in 2 weeks (from today), Kali has some family ones to attend and then we are both going to our friend Amy's wedding in September (Kali is Maid of Honor and I've been asked to do the photography). Kail's dress is of course taken care of, but mine is another deal. Of course I want to have something that I can wear again, and it must be something that will breathe decently due to the humidity. But what should it be? Though I'm not actually in the wedding party I still don't want to completely clash with the festivities, which leave the basic and elusive LBD (Little Black Dress). I have been on this hunt for a good couple years. Ever since my 10 year HS reunion, 2 years ago. Of course everything I found online was out of line, and if it wasn't I was going to have to spend over $100 on it. So I've kept it in the back of my mind a a future must have item (really I think every girl should have one). Well today was the day that my vision came to fruition.

After many little errands the girls and I finally made out way to the Dress Barn. Of course I went over to the 50% off rack first, but didn't find much. Then as I was scanning the racks my eyes were drawn towards the black dresses near the front of the store. It was like the heavens parted and started shining the florecent lighting in the direction towards the perfect black dress. It really wasn't much to look at on the rack, but I picked it up and decided that I could find a camisole to wear underneath it. Well I did and it looked terrific! Kali and Nicki were in agreement on it as well. I'm very happy to have that hurdle over with. So now I'm in the process of purchasing my camisole, which will add the modesty factor to it. Besides that all that I need to do is get rid of my slight farmers tan and tone up the arms a little, September is right around the corner.

Let this be a lesson to all of those looking for the perfect outfit. . .

If at first you don't succeed shop, shop again!

Right Kali (she had a succeful trip as well)?


Joseph Pulikotil said...



Your blog looks gorgeous and the header is very lovely and artistic. Congratulations:)

It is very interesting to note the various things you had to consider while buying a dress.

Your advice reminds me of Robert Bruce, a king who lost several battles to regain his kingdom and finally he won after repeated attempts.

It is true if we don't succeed in the first attempt we have to keep trying till we succeed.

Have a nice day:)

Jersey Mama said...

It is truly a happy moment to find the perfect article of clothing. Now, where are the pics????

Engrafted Lives said...

Yeah! Now you wardrobe is complete and you will look marvelous, of course, for the wedding.

Cove Girl said...

Jersey Girl, I want to wait until I have my whole outfit before I take pics. I tried taking some this weekend, but they didn't turn out well.

Engrafted Lives, Thanks. I'll have to show it to you once I put it all together.


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