Friday, May 8, 2009

Teff Flour

I've never used Teff flour in my gluten free baking, but I recently read an article expounding upon the joys of Teff (I think if was from Gluten Free Girl). I'm intrigued. I'm always looking for new ways to incorporate different flours into my baking. Since I can't have wheat most whole grains have been eliminated from my diet, so I have to find a way to supplement my fiber intake.

On that note I have become a fan of the Amaranth grain. Back in the fall I posted a recipe, from the Gluten Free Girl, on her recipe for Amaranth cereal. It's a toasted cereal, hot, with a nutty flavor (it's easy to burn though, keep your eye on the popping little buggers). Amaranth in itself in naturally gluten free, but if you're buying a boxed cereal you need to look at the box carefully. I almost bought a box a few months ago, but I decided to call the company first to make sure and w/o a GF guarantee, which the kind people at Arrowhead could not give me, I don't buy it.

Anyway, I decided today to look for recipes involving Teff flour. I almost bought a bag at the SVC Co-Op last Friday, but the last thing I need is to have a flour go bad on me. Eating GF is not always cheap and so I try to only buy what I know I can use withing a reasonable amount of time, since it's just me and I can't eat everything. Recipezaar is just an awesome website to reference and it was here that I found the recipes that will start me off on my Teff cooking adventure. There were other sites too, but I don't need everything all at once. Plus I don't foresee any major baking adventures until I'm done w/school next month. Right now, besides Bible Institute and Sunday School preparation, it pretty much encompasses all my free time, and I like to bake when I'm inspired and the study my eyelids are doing in sleep deprivation right now is not insppiring at all.

I think I'll try the pancakes first. I'll let you all know how that goes. Maybe I'll put up a poll for you to vote on to see what recipe I should make first. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

It's neat that you've expanded your gluten-free horizons. Recently, we discovered a Whole Foods out in Napa with a large gluten-free section. Both times we've seen it, Matthew says 'We have to tell Carolyn about this for when she comes to visit.'

By the way, Matthew did great as Charlie Brown, but really brought down the house as the Yellow Brick Road, of all things!!


nene8200 said...

I'm always impressed with those who venture out of conventional cooking to use different ingredients and recipes (that I'd only expect out of fancy restaurants). It's got to be exciting for you!


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